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What Video Game to Movie Adaptation Do You Think is Most Faithful


Sep 19, 2011
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What video game to movie adaptation do you think is most faithful.
I'm still thinking about this, but while I am I'll give you guys a shot. Discuss it with each other. GoGoGo!


didn't build that
I've never seen it, but this movie looks pretty faithful:


Pretty much every movie I've seen based on a video game was wildly different from the source game. That said, Silent Hill seems like it might capture its game's atmosphere.

And odd though it may seem, the first two Pokemon movies feel like a product of the first and second gen. Not similar to the games plotwise, but Pokemon the Movie 2000 sort of emulated the experience of fighting legendaries in the games, in a really roundabout way. It's everything a game-based movie should be.
I don't believe you can get any more faithful than the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie seeing as how most fighting games have absolutely no plot. Best part is the battles are actually pretty decent, one of the better fighting flicks. But beware: It can be mindless entertainment for some.


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Jun 18, 2011
I'm not all that familiar with a lot of game to movie adaptations, but I think Tomb Raider translated fairly well from video games to movies. No direct link between specific games and movie plot, but the feel was very similar in my opinion. The characterization of Lara Croft was well done, the type of quest done in the movie felt apropriate compared to the games. The first movie more than the second, of course.


Oct 24, 2012
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Tomb Raider is generally considered to be the first to get a video game --> movie adaptation done right, and in large part I agree.

I also thought Prince of Persia was pretty good, although I don't know much about the PoP series, the film on its own was good.
There are some Resident Evil CGI film adaptations that are good. The live action films with Mila Jovovich are considered among the worst video game film adaptations ever though.

I also think the Hitman adaptation is good. Again, IDK much of anything about the Hitman games, but the film was good enough on its own.
Mortal Kombat 1 for sure, it was such an awesome film, worked really well and felt really faithful.

Silent Hill 1 - A lot of love went into that film, a lot of cool references and it almost felt canon, its influence was felt in later installments toow hich was nice. While it may not have been Harry, it did have the spirit of the games despite the changes they made for dramatic necessity. (although they did always itend on casting a male lead they felt that Rahda 'Rose' was perfect for the part during the casting stage)

Tekken Blood Vengeance - made by capcom themselves (i think all video game movies should be made by the developers themselves) this film may have been a generic fan fiction in disguise (worse than SS) but it did have Tekken's organic humour and it still felt very authentic because of course it'd star Ling and be a highschool drama with a fight that had nothing to do with anyhting, as most tekken games do.

Resident Evil Degeneration and Damnation - basically these things are like watching somenoe else pla a video game. they look superb, seem to be canon and are a lot of fun, the way they play out are all very much like the games since theyre so close to being movies anyway so... yeah they work really well

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