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What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

Sep 3, 2011
1. Happy Mask Salesman- You cant get any awesomer than this. He has that whole mystery aura thing about his and is creepy at the same time.
2. Shad- I dont know why, but he just stuck with me. He's such a cool little geeky guy! I cheered when he found the Temple of Time.
3. Malon- She's adorable! The little ranch girl just HAS to come back! With Epona, of course.


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Oct 8, 2011
Viridian City/Migrant Fleet
Impa's Return

I must admit, I love Linebeck, but he did sort of make a come back. And Kapora Gaebora made like three. So I would have to choose Impa. Yeah, I know, she made a comeback too, but she is AWESOME!
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Jun 19, 2011
Well this is probably a famous list, so might as well stick with it.

Captain Linebeck-So you all thought that Wind Waker had some humor in it? This man, is the king of humor in the Zelda Universe. Without this guy, well, Phantom Hourglass might as well be worse than Adventure of Link (sorry to AoL lovers out there). This guy had so much character to him as well, almost similar to that of Midna, except in a more of a lighthearted way. I don't think his cameo in Spirit Tracks was very inadequate, despite the fact that he improves the gameplay, but I just wanted more out of him.

Midna- Well you either gotta love her or hate her. But I just think she is the BEST sidekick out there. Ok, fine maybe Zelda and the King of the Red Lions was better, but you cannot argue that Midna is very amazing. She was just so cool. She helped you turn into a wolf, guided you (but one might argue that you got a bit TOO much guidance), and was your friend. I really cannot wait to see her in a new Zelda game (chances are very slim, but one can just hope).

Happy Mask Salesman- This guy is very, very full of enigma. I think there's more to this man, than the freak that was in Majora's Mask. You could even read Ganondork's article on him. Anyways, this guy had too little screen time in a game that, subtly, was supposed to be about him. This guy still has a chapter in his story that has not been told.

Anyways, those are my top three characters who should return in another Zelda game.


Isn't it Captain Keeta?!
Nov 28, 2011
Bad Cannstatt
I won't buy a Zelda game anymore if not one of these characters appears in it:
1. Guru-Guru - Because he is awesome for some reason.
2. Man from the curiosity shop - Because he is cool, friendly and strange at the same time.
3. Igos du Ikana - Because he is a talking skeleton (damn you Jack!) and Ikana is my favourite place in all Zelda games and has the most awesome inhabitants.

The Happy Mask Salesman would also be great.
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
1) Happy Mask Salesman, for sure. We need him.
2) Tingle. I know he's made cameos, but I want him in as big of a role as he was in WW.
3) I don't really know... Ghirahim, I would definitely like to see again.

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Jun 15, 2010
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Midna - This one's a real shocker, I'm sure. I just love everything about this character, from her sarcastic personality, to her otherwordly design, to her extremely touching backstory. And unlike with other characters in the series, her transition in personality feels very natural - very real. She's, hands down, my absolute favorite video game character. Now, while -- for me -- she's the character who immediately comes to mind when thinking of those who deserve to return to the Zelda series, the other two are significantly more difficult to choose. I'll try to narrow it down as best I can.

Groose - On top of being one of the relatively few Zelda characters with a genuine character arc, this guy is absolutely hilarious. Definitely one of Skyward Sword's most pleasant surprises.

Ghirahim - It was a tough call between him and Zant, but I went with Ghirahim primarily because I don't feel as though he was given enough "screen time" in Skyward Sword. While the overall treatment of him was excellent, I still found myself wanting to have seen more of him by the time that Skyward Sword's ending came around. The chances are slim, I know, and honestly, I'm not sure that it would make a whole lot of sense to bring him back. However, I'm also not sure that I would care all that much, given just how fabulous[/sorry] Ghirahim is.


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Dec 6, 2011
Henderson, NV
The Minish - I found their race to be very interesting and I'd like to have the race returned and shown in a 3D Zelda game. Also It would be cute to see like 30 minish carrying a rupee.

Zelda as a more developed character - I REALLY want her to be as developed as she was in Skyward Sword and have her somehow being a guide like in Spirit Tracks again. I don't want her to be like Zelda in TP that just was there and didn't do too much.

Termina - Just let me go back to that tormented land like in another game, and see the outcome of what happened after Majora's Mask. Let me see what is new there. I know it's a place, but it is a whole other culture. I want to see that brought back.


Malon- I LOVE Malon. She always went well with Link (OoT) in my opinion and she was always so cute. She seemed like a down-to-Earth girl with a spunky personality. Not too mention she's just plain awesome. I'd LOVE if they brought her back, or who knows maybe even Romani or Cremia.

Tetra- Tetra's my favorite alter-ego of Zelda. She has such attitude but seems to have a cute, loving personality on the inside. I wish she'd come back and be the terror of the seas again. My favorite pairing for Link (WW) Why does she get so much hate though?

Midna- Midna is what kept me going in an otherwise dull Zelda game. In TP she was like Tetra, with a sassy personality but was adorable at the same time.
Dec 11, 2011
1. Malon/ I've had a crush on her since OoT
2. (OoT) Link/ Classic
3. Makar/ Seriously adorable and awesome

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