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What things do you need to remind yourself?


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Aug 31, 2019
Can be happy things, things for anxiety, day-to-day things, once a year things.

1. Always remember to stretch

2. There's nothing wrong with taking a rest


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I always need to see if all my cats are inside. Sometimes I need to remind myself to do that, and it’s usually when I’m in bed, and until I check, I can’t sleep well. I think that started when my cat, Geoffrey died. He died from a dog attack because I left him out accidentally. I still makes me feel SO sad and guilty, because he cuddled with my sister, but now she doesn’t have him to cuddle with, but I still have a cat to be with me, and I hurts me, so so much.

So, I just check, I suppose I’m scared I’ll lose someone again, and go through that pain again

I also need to remind myself I need to sleep, I’ll be in such a good book I don’t want to stop reading


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Jan 19, 2018
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take out the trash on friday mornings

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