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What Tablet Do You Use?


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I've recently been mulling over purchasing a tablet for taking notes and for testing purposes for work. I'm already within the Apple Ecosystem with my laptop and phone so some kind of iPad would likely be ideal but I am curious to hear of what others have thought of their tablet purchases and whether or not they can recommend the ones they have purchased.


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Jun 16, 2020
I've been using my same iPad Air 2 since...2015 or so. Still works for all my needs, so I feel no need to replace it. It's been very reliable, and it also still has a traditional headphone jack, unlike the newer iPhones.


Apr 16, 2021
I use a $50 Amazon Kindle fire, it can be kind of lousy sometimes but it's good for drawing if you get a nice app

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I recently bought an XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro. It's a graphic tablet designed for drawing, and has a display, so it might be a little too much if the intention is just to use it to write down notes or to use for work.

For my purposes though it works great. I've yet to have any performance issues while drawing. If there is ever any difficulty I am having, it's usually because I am still trying to learn the drawing software I have downloaded on my Laptop. If not that, I simply drew something that looks bad lol.
Like SMS, I have a drawing tablet. I don't have a--I don't know what they're called in general--smart tablet? All purpose tablet? A brick?

I have a Wacom Bamboo Connect that I got for myself in 2012 after having some hands-on experience using Wacoms in a Photoshop class I took my sophomore year. I like to call my tablet, the lowest end model of a high end brand, because it kind of is. It's pretty stripped of features, but it's been perfect for my needs these past nine years. I haven't felt compelled to upgrade at all. I haven't installed it on my new laptop though, because I sit on the floor when I use the laptop and don't wanna deal with finding a spot to put my tablet where I won't accidentally kick it... my life is complicated, okay?

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But anyway, when I first got my tablet at Best Buy, the clerk actually took me to look at ipads when I asked about tablets, and that was awkward as heck. Ipads were still kinda new at the time, if I'm not mistaken. I know people use them to draw, but I can't really imagine it, honestly. I'd probably rest my hand on the screen and screw up my picture.

EDIT: Forgot to answer the question in the OP. For drawing, it's great, but if you're looking for something portable to take notes, I wouldn't say this would work since it lacks a display or internal power, uh yeah. Plus it uh, is discontinued, I believe.

If you really need quick notes, honestly I've found my phone to be great for that. You could probably set something up so your phone notes sync to your computer; I'm sure that's a thing.
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