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What Skyward Sword Has to Do...


Jan 19, 2011
I missed out on Super Mario Galaxy when it first came out, and I thought about buying it once it was used, but it still cost 50$CAN. So when the Nintendo Selects version was released, I rushed to Best Buy to get a copy.

I have been playing it for a day, and it made me realise what Skyward Sword has to do to succed at beating Ocarina of Time as the most greatest Zelda game ever ( I am not saying best because Ocarina of Time's quality has been outdone by it succesors, I think people mean "Most inovative", or "the starting point for modern Zelda".) When I was playing through SMG, I noticed that there was never a pause in the action, there was always a new level to play, and some side galaxies that were completely optional.

I then remebered reading somewere that SKyward Sword Sword was going to focus more on being fun, and I thought that the new blend of field and dungeon and a game packed full of content would be exactly like what made SMG galaxy great.

What do you guys and girls think about this? If SS can be a really tight and fast paced game, could it be better than Ocarina of Time in your opinion?

(My opinion is that all 3D Zelda games are better than Ocarina of Time in quality and story, but Ocarina of Time had that constant action element that I think Skyward Sword needs, so bear in mind that I am not saying it's a bad game, I am actually prasising it's rythmn.)

(For those who are wondering why I wrote that last paragraph, I was clarifying to those who might give me bad rep for dissing Oot...)


Nov 12, 2010
Zelda is always "fast-paced" but some side-quests are just lengthy and if you plan to knock it out in a single sitting, it'll take about an hour or so. Such examples include getting all of the golden bugs in Twilight Princess, or Golden Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time. When you get to the main story, the games have always been fast-paced - as long as there is a sense of direction. In fact, the slowest part of Zelda is normally traveling to the area you're supposed to go. Twilight Princess had a giant problem with that simply because the overworld was so expansive. Alongside the many monsters to fight, Twilight Princess' Hyrule was a lengthy bit of traveling unless you had Epona. I think they'll make the overworld much smaller - like in Ocarina of Time - to allow faster travels from area to area.

As for the comparison of The Legend of Zelda to Super Mario Galaxy, it's kind of difficult. I've never played Super Mario Galaxy, but I'm going off what you explained. These side galaxies seem to obvious and then you step into them and do all there is to do in there. In the Legend of Zelda, side-quests open themselves up, but you can always return to that certain area and do it later on in the game. They might make it feel like there is less action, but if you do it the second that it reveals itself to Link, then it's as action-packed - if not more - as Super Mario Galaxy.


the shadow mage
Mar 6, 2011
I think that it needs to be a little less obvious about were you nead to go in the cut sceans, and be a little more like the original and encurage expleration.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
SS needs to do what OoT did, just like you said. It needs to have that seamless action throughout the game (note that OoT actually didn't have action 24/7). There can't be large stretches of land/sea where you don't do anything but roam (TWW and TP's overworlds). Enemies need to be frequent. The cutscenes need to be EPIC. Not 'epic', not 'cool', they need to be blown out of proportions awesome, just like OoT's were. Gameplay needs to be action packed, not necessarily fast but not too slow either. The music and sounds need to be of the highest quality possible. And above all, it needs to be a Legend of Zelda, not some silly modernized story that relates nothing to Link/Zelda.

Those are my quick thoughts.
Jul 6, 2011
For people to think that SS is better then OoT, SS has to be revolutionary. Now a game doesn't have to be revolutionary in order to be better than a revolutionary video game(Pong is considered to be revolutionary and there are like thousands of games that are better than Pong maybe even more), but that's not always the case. SS looks like it is revolutionizing the whole series with its motion controls, I have high hopes that Skyward Sword will not just be the best Zelda game, but the best game of all time. I'm not overhyping the game, but I have faith.

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