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What Size is Your Computer's Hard Drive?

Kind of a simple question, really. I find it really fascinating how the capacity has dramatically increased from way-back-when up until now. I'm honestly really surprised to say that I've been living off of Huey's 147 GB for the past four--almost five years. Except, since he was my dad's for four years before gave him to me, he had more, like, 112 GB left. Okay, so... I am a pack rat--in real life, and virtually. So, I am always creating / downloading new files to my hoard of data. Especially since, two years ago, when I got into video-editing (which is a pain when you only have an extremely unstable version of Windows Movie Maker...), I have cluttered up quite a bit of my Huey's harddrive.

My yummy pie chart thingy

33 GB left. That's not too shabby for Huey, I suppose. Though, I have been meaning to sift through some older files that I don't use anymore and do something with them--hopefully get rid of them. Yes... I'm more-willing to clean up Huey than my bedroom. :<

So... your guys' turn. Have you increased your hard drive's capacity in your computer's lifetime? I must know!
Dec 11, 2009
My laptop's harddrive is 232 gigabytes. I only have about 16 gigs left, so I definitely either need to find an external, or get a new laptop. The latter sounds awesome, actually, since I found an Asus for $600 at Wal Mart. Once my financial aid comes in, I could actually afford it plus more :rolleyes:

So here's an image:

All of my disk space usage comes from videos. I do let's plays, and most of the videos I made were about a gigabyte each, until I decided to use a program called Handbrake. Now they only take 200 to 500 megabytes. I have also downloaded a bunch of anime several months ago that I only just now began watching.

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Sep 19, 2011
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My main computer has two 1TB hardrives inserted into it. My second desktop has 1TB, this laptop has 100GB... It's ****.
Feb 23, 2011
My current laptop has 221 GB. Honestly, anymore would be unnecessary, seeing as I barely download anything.


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.

I'm using this drive's space sloppily, and it has plenty of room to spare.

This is actually a new computer, but the drive in question is an SSD, and you trade off size for speed. So this drive is very fast, although it's a little small by today's standards.

My first computer had a 1.5GB Drive, and I recall that that was actually an upgrade/replacement drive that we got in the mid 1990s. I don't remember the size of the original drive, but I think it was something like 300-500MB, less than a CD-ROM.

The next computer I got in the late 1990s came with a 3GB hard drive that died within a few years, which I eventually replaced with a 20GB drive that still works to this day.

The computer I got after that in the early 2000s had a 120GB hard drive, which lasted for the main service life of the computer. I have one failed machine build from the mid-2000s that had a 200GB hard drive which I have not yet repurposed or tested in many years.

My next machine from the mid 2000s, purchased by my father to replace the failed one, had two 320GB drives in a raid 0 configuration which effectively gave me 600GB of space, though I never came close to using even half of that. It was faster than the single mechanical drives I was accustomed to, however.

Now, my current machine, built this year, has the 512GB SSD that I showed you. It doesn't add up to that amount in Windows because of the fact that Windows and Hard Drive manufacturers calculate Gigabytes differently.
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Apr 9, 2012
San Antonio
500 gb, when I first got this computer qhwn I was maybe 11 (it had no internet) it had a 50gb hard drive, but after my dad finally granted me internet access when I was 12, I got SO many viruses, so for my birthday my dad got them all removed, but the hard drive was ruined so they had to install a new one.
I only have 9 GB left, it's probably from all the movies and games that I "own".
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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
My computer's hard drive is 600 GB (580 for the main part, 20 for the recovery stuff). I honestly do not need that much, as I've only used about 100 GB.


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
I have a really old laptop that has about 75GB of hard disc space of which I only have 8GB left. I also have a computer that has 1TB of space and I have used roughly half of it. I also have a 250GB external hard drive and a 1TB external hard drive so I don't clog my laptop/computer up with animé/music.


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Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Heh, I have a desktop and a laptop, so I'll say the sizes of those. In my desktop, I have a 500GB HDD with about 80GB free. However, it's an IDE based HDD, so it would take quite a bit to load something, even though it spins at 7200RPM (or whatever the speed is). XP

Now, my laptop, which is quite new, has a 750GB HDD that runs at 5400RPM. Since it is SATA based, it definitely goes a lot faster, and I believe I have somewhere around 480GB left on this thing, but I do a lot of multimedia editing on my laptop (it's a MacBook Pro), whereas my desktop is dedicated to gaming (despite the fact it has a Pentium 4 in it).
May 5, 2012
i has 2x500 GB hard drives set up in as RAID 0 (my friend sorted it for me i has no clue about computers :P )

There is defo room for a naughty joke in this thread title :P
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Apr 4, 2012
My laptop came with a 270 GB hard drive. After dedicating some memory to the RAM and other partitions, my C: drive can now hold up to 194 GB, and I've used up about 139 GB


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