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A Link Between Worlds What Should the New Zelda 3ds Be Like?


Zelda Forever!
Nov 26, 2012
The Stock Pot Inn (East Clock Town)
Graphics? Story? Setting? Transportation? Links art style? Or Whatever! I honestly think that Nintendo should get rid of the top down view, and focus on using the cricle pad, and have a map or something cool on the touch screen. I think that in the new 3ds zelda game, they should either use Skyward Swords artstyle, or Windwaker, with the graphics that the 3ds is capable of pulling off, and I think those two styles are the brightest and most powerful which would look great in 3D. Although i enjoyed the loftwings, I think i want horse back again, as i can not see how they can incooperate loftwings with the story again. I really want a great new zelda game, and a long and killer story!


Not A Wizard
Nov 30, 2012
Los Angeles
I don't completely agree with you. I would like to see a Twilight Princess-style art style on the 3DS, but with Ocarina of Time style colors. That's possible from a technical standpoint, but who knows what fun and/or crazy art style Nintendo will come up with next!
I do agree that they should bring back Hyrule Field. While I enjoy traversing the sea, flying on a giant bird, etc., I will always enjoy exploring and traversing the Field I knew and loved from Ocarina of Time!
I want an in-depth story, but not necessarily a long one. Maybe as long as Ocarina of Time - no longer. Skyward Sword was very long, and Twilight Princess felt long. To-the-point is what I want in the next game.
Nov 21, 2012
I want to see Ocarina of Time 3D gameplay and Skyward Sword graphics. And Epona as the transporation. Yeah, that'd be a great game.
Jun 14, 2011
Hmm, The only thing that comes to mind is the return of Ganondorf in this next installment. I think the artstyle will be brand new and the location will be set in Hyrule hopefully or obviously depending on how you see it. That's all I got at the moment.
For me, Zelda 3DS needs to be-

3D/Home console style- We've got a fabulously remade OoT, we can have an original Zelda for the 3DS every bit its equal in terms of presentation and playability.
Artstyle- I don't mind any thing they give us. I found SS's artstyle boring but im not against seeing it again, though I'd prefer another game looking like OoT3D.
Control- Limited touch screen, OoT was fine with the majority of it all optional and didn't rely on it heavily like PH and ST
Length - I'd like the length of OoT but i imagine that it'll be as short as MM's main quest, I'm not holding my breath for a TP length game.
Story- Couldn't give a damn, Nintendo can't tell a coherent story within this franchise. Just make it enjoyable guys.
Jun 8, 2011
Maybe a "spin-off" like LA or MM, a game that doesn't involve Zelda, because it's been a long time we have got one. As for the gameplay why not OoT controls with some new skills and for the artstyle i don't really care but not toon link otherwise i'm fine with anything.
Jul 7, 2012
i think OOT on the 3DS gave us a taste on to what to expect. all the items/menus are on the bottom screen, and motion controls for items such as bow and arrow, claw shot etc. it would be cool if they can have some cool stuff to do online such as, writing letters to your frinds and have the Postman deliver them to you while you are in hyrule flied kinda like the postman in TP. or a online battle match were we can fight people in a arena, so items that we dont use that much in game ( such as the ball and chain in TP) can be used more, plus it will bring more replayability. I would like the graphics to be a combination of OOT and TP, the textures like TP and the bright colors of OOT.

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