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What Should Nintendo Have Done?

Is Nintendo Advertising Skyward Sword Right?

  • It should have been better paced.

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  • No, info on the ending needed to be shown after the release.

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  • They're doing a fine job of it.

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Feb 8, 2011
Nintendo seems to have released too much information early. While the game is looking epic as ever, I feel it would've been better if the pace of "spoilers" slowed up by a lot. Already we have who the ending villain is and the entire plotline to go along with it. Those who perused the text dump (including myself) now have less to look forward to. Will it affect the way we view the game? Probably not to most, but for others it may lead them to be less excited than they could've been.

Do you suppose Nintendo showed the story too quickly? Will this turn out like Twilight Princess--overhyping us with prereleased info, raising our expectations too high only to send them crashing down (not to say that it will)? What do you think Nintendo should have done differently in advertising Skyward Sword?


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Sep 19, 2011
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Imo, they shouldn't have released so much information in the first place. I myself haven't seen much of the info that Nintendo or anybody else has released, so it hasn't affected me much at all, but for the many people that have been following all the updates and spoilers, the game will probably be a lot less exiting and rewarding. They should've waited until the game was actually released and a good amount of people have played through the game to let all this info go through. Though I suppose if you didn't want to see all these spoilers, you could just not look at them in the first place >.<.
Sep 24, 2011
They definitely released waaaaaay too much information. An ending should never be revealed until the game itself has actually come out. That goes for movies and stories as well. For instance, when watching Paranormal Activity and Quarantine, both movies that showed the end in the commercials, didn't that make for a rather sad and anticlimactic ending? It ticks me off to no end. By releasing so much THEY DO take away from some of the magic and feel of the game. No matter what anyone says, seeing part of the game, especially major points, ending included, takes away from the game somewhat. I know some people will say it doesn't and that they don't care, but in the end there will be a small part of them that would have enjoyed it much more had they not seen so many spoilers. I've seen a fair bit but this last week has been completely ridiculous... i've been having to watch what I'm looking at even in supposed "spoiler free" threads. It's been difficult navigating through and trying to see interesting thoughts and ideas all because of the fact that they released so much information. I want most of the game to be revealed and discovered by my own play through.


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Feb 22, 2011
It should have been batter paced. I mean, the Skyward Sword OFFICIAL WEBSITES are updated with new info every WEEK. That's crazy!! I think Nintendo should've just showed us Ghirahim, Zelda in her white dress, Link with the harp, and the sheikah girl and left it at that.


Apr 22, 2011
There is a difference between releasing gameplay footage of parts of the game that aren't that important to the plot.. and showing the final boss fight or something else that is crucial to the plot, Something that if viewed could really destroy the player's own experience with the game. The footage they have shown isn't even close to what they could've done to really spoil the game for all of us.

There are still things to be found and discovered in SS, To spoil the whole game they would need to reveal the whole plot and release a 100% Walkthrough on their site to show us every little part of the game and leave no stone unturned. And even if they did all those things it still wouldn't ruint he game for me.. why?

1. It's Zelda.. c'mon
2. I watched full spoiled walkthroughs of TWW and TP before those two came out, And it didn't hur the experience for me.

The real joy for me is actually playing the game myself and not watching the worst Zelda players in the world playing a demo of the game..
Sep 24, 2011
Just because they haven't revealed a 100% walk through or shown us the final battle doesn't mean anything to some. The fact that the final boss has been revealed and many major plot points as well is what gets some people. Sure, the gameplay value won't be affected but the discovery aspect, that first time playthrough of learning things that you didn't know, learning about the characters that we've never seen before is removed from the game before we even get our hands on it. That is and can be disappointing. I would rather them reveal a little bit, enough to tease, but to reveal the major things that they have, even if it's not video or visual, is still too much and they should have and could have approached it differently, or at least waited until they released the game fully.


Nov 11, 2011
They are telling us way too much. It's really hard to stay away from all these spoilers.
Jun 21, 2011
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Way 2xToo many spoilers!!! I've been avoiding those spoilers for the discovery novelty like 'Crash' said. Its been getting hard to find articles to read. They never should have mentioned Ghiraham's master. They should have stayed on sky loft & teased the ground (underworld) by the glimpse of Link falling down the clouds. I think that they could have done humerous commercials like “Link fighting a monster then suddenly he leaves running only to enter the restroom, fades to logo & the the narattor says `it's time for you to continue the legend' then you hear a flush” or just something that shows how fun & funny the game can be without any revelations.
Jul 16, 2011
First of all, it's a little bit of a fault of this game in specific, that is so "dense". So if they showed us only 2 areas, they would already have spoiled 2/3 of the area themes.

I think they should've explored a lot of the first 3 dungeons etc. But never EVER revealed the second row of dungeons. And they should have explored more of the sky island and it's side-quests.

And only in the last two months release trailers with glimpses that hints and suggests a lot of plot elements, like that Harp Trailer.

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