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What Pokémon Types would Zelda creatures be if they were Pokémon?

May 5, 2022
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Dark Link (OoT): I am tempted to say mono Dark, but the dude is near weightless since he can stand on Link's sword after a stab attack, so that makes me think Dark/Ghost. Plus, him being a reflection of Link seems Ghost like.

Deku Scrub (MM): Grass but can evolve into Grass/Flying when evolved into Adult Form, via level up near a Deku Flower (the adults can just fly straight up).

Goron (MM): Ground/Rock. They have a signature ability that makes them Ground/Steel when they have been in combat long enough, which will also double their speed stat.

Zora (MM): Water. They have a signature ability that makes Electric type moves count as Water for STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus).
May 5, 2022
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oh I guess
still feels like it coulda just been in the other thread
I'm not sure you understand fully. This isn't asking what type of Pokémon the Zelda creatures would have, but what type the Zelda creature would be if they themselves were Pokémon.

EDIT: I edited the title to be more clear.
Sep 22, 2022
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Here are my thoughts for a few classic Zelda enemies:

Octoroks- The default is Ground/Rock type. BotW variants are as follows:
Forest -Grass/Rock
Water- Obviously Water/Rock
Sky- Flying/Rock
Rock- Fire/Rock
Treasure- Steel/Rock
Tektites- Bug/Water
Moblins- Normal/Dark.
Darknuts- Fighting/Dark
Keese- Flying.
Variants add a typing, such as Fire, Ice, Dark, and Electric. Vires may split into Keese, but they are not actually Keese (two Keese cannot combine to make a Vire)- therefore I classify them Ghost/Flying due to their demonic/vampiric qualities.
Stalfos- Ghost/Fighting
Lynels- Fighting/Fire

Feel free to agree or disagree with these. :shrugs:

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