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What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?


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Oct 25, 2012
F***ing LaLa Land!!!
I have an OoT shirt, one of those "everything I know I learned from Zelda" shirts, a comic book based on Link to the Past, a Link action figure(His sword and shield have gone missing) along with a wallet and my tattoo. Good stuff.


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
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Black Zelda T-Shirt with Gold Hylian Bird Crest on front.
Large Songbird Ocarina of Time replica (that I can barely hold a tune on >.< )
Come February of next year, I will have a copy of the English translation of Hyrule Historia (currently on preorder from Barnes and Nobel.com.)
Official Ocarina of Time Soundtrack on CD
Prima and Nintendo Power OoT Strategy Guides, Nintendo Power Majora's Mask Strategy Guide and Prima A Link to the Past Strategy Guide.


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Jun 22, 2011
On An Adventure
I've got a brown Spirit Tracks T-Shirt with Link on it...
OoT pajamas with a clock and the ocarina on a white shirt and black and white plaid pants. I had people calling the ocarina a sombrero. I nearly slapped them.
I have a 12-hole ocarina of time.
I had a black TP pull-string bag.
A little Phantom Hourglass figure of Link.
The remains of a Phantom Hourglass Link plushie...
I think that's it...^^


All I have are The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Graphix Stickers on my laptop which I cherish always. :)


That God of Yellow Foxes
Oct 28, 2012
Twilight Palace
I have:
Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Ocarina of Time 3D Prima Guidebooks
Hylian Symbol Wallet
Hylian T-shirt
Several Posters
Nov 12, 2012
Hythe, Southampton UK
The Zelda 3DS, a print with Shiggys signature(Reprint, not actual, came from Nintendo Mag), a Link plushie that guards the photo album me and my girlfriend use to document our adventures, a keyring... I'll have to get back with the full list.

Anyway, it's not exactly merchandise but this is probably worth a mention

Unfinished, will be getting the filling done in the new year (Once money is less tight)
I have:
-a LoZ 3DS
-the OoT 3D Official Soundtrack
-a t-shirt that I made/modified (triforce on the pocket, Hyrule family crest on the back)
-the LoZ Wiimote and Zelda 25th Anniversary CD
-a Link hat that I made
-a Majora's Mask baseball cap that my cousin gave to me
-various other LoZ props that I've made


Sage of the Dark World
May 29, 2012
Dark World, Sacred Realm
I own..
Green shirt with yellow Hyrule insigna (Loftwing with Triforce).
A Wind Waker mural-looking shirt.
The complete manga collection of Zelda comics (OoT p1, OoT p2, MM, OoS, OoA, FSA p1, FSA p2, MC, aLttP, PH).


A foam Master Sword and Zelda Shirt I got at a gaming convention known as Gen-Con. and a Poster form Twilight Princess, and some Zelda Game Guides.


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Nov 26, 2012
The Stock Pot Inn (East Clock Town)
I have;
Twilight Princess Collectors edtition walkthorugh
Phantom Hourglass walkthrough
Spirit Tracks Walkthrough (premier edition)
Ocarina of time official walkthrough
The Wind Waker Official Walkthrough
Ocarina of time link and epona rare figurine
Majoras mask link and epona rare figurine
Twilight Princess trading cards
Hylain sheild wall mount with two swords
Hylian shield replica
Master Sword replica
Skyward Sword poster
Zelda 25th anniveresery poster
Another Zelda 25th anniverserey poster
Hylian shield mint tin
5 Phantom hourglass figures (full collection)
A toon link plush)
A 3ds case
The full zelda tv series collection
A link pez despenser
Game informer (zelda edition)
Three Zelda DS Cases
A zelda hat
And 3 ocarinas (Ocarina of time, Hylian shield ocarina, and Majoras mask ocarina)
I pre ordered a copy of Hyrule Historia limited edtition
And will be getting a dark link first 4 figures statue for xmas

Thats all I have, and will be getting much more for christmas!
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Sep 27, 2012
Lost Woods, Oregon
This thread is so inspiring... it makes me want to collect MOAR Zelda items!

Well, besides the games I have, I have the Zelda mangas, several Prima guides (although I want to collect all of 'em) specialty stuff from the Triforce Tribute (including the soundtrack), a Twilight Princess Link hat I wear everywhere (lol), and specialty Nintendo Power mags focusing on Zelda.

Hyrule Historia is next on my list! ^^
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