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What Operating System Do You Use?

What Operating System Do You Use?

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  • Mac OS

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Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
My older, desktop computer has Windows XP. My laptop, which is my main computer now, has Windows 7 on it. I must say, I think 7 works quite well. I haven't seen many problems with it. I don't think it has failed me yet~
May 17, 2010
Middle of Nowhere, PA
I have used almost all windows operating systems, 1 Linux OS and 1 Mac OS. I cannot remember what Mac OS i had, but it was a really old computer so it doesn't really matter. I have Used Linux Ubuntu once, it was too complicated for my simple mind so i gave up. I recently downgraded my laptop from windows vista to XP and my desktop was recently upgraded from Vista to 7. I haven't had any problems with my computers with windows operating systems (except when i had Vista).


Windows 7 is the Best OS Ever

Think of your OS's in this scenario;

Billy: Hey dad, whats an operating system supposed to do?
Dad: Well Billy, an operating system is supposed to provide an environment where many different kinds of software can run well.
Billy: But Linux, OSX, and Windows 7 do that well! How do I decide?
Dad: Well Billy, you have to now assess what kind of software you're going to be using. Which OS looks the most appropriate now?
Billy: Well, OSX is good for graphic design, but nearly all of its programs also run on Windows 7 or have comparable software also for Windows 7. Linux has a lot of great software, but just can't really compete really with the huge libraries of software for Macs and Windows.
But in terms of number of software available, Windows 7 seems to have the most. It also runs new and upcoming games, and also runs classic PC games while XP is left in the dust without DX10.
Dad: There you have it son, Windows 7, which is an operating system, runs ****ING EVERYTHING!

In short, Windows 7 > everything.


Hero of Gorons
Yeah, that's true. On my stationary Windows XP i tried to run Terraria i just bought on steam, but it couldn't run it, the craphic card was too bad. Thanks to steam i could download Terraria on my windows 7 mini pc without buying it again. Terraria almost was perfectly smooth on my mini pc. But seriously, on graphics, OSX wins.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
You little necro TF :P

I use Windows 7 on my main desktop.
Windows Xp on my second desktop
And *shrugs* Vista on my laptop.


All I want is Wii friends
Apr 9, 2012
San Antonio
Shouldn't this be in "Technology"? My dad got me a computer for school a few years ago, but it is the crappiest excuse for a computer ever, He got the cheapest one from Dell. It can't even play the sims smoothly! but it is XP and says "Dimension E520" on it
damn. I decided to try Minecraft today and got this

IT'S JUST A BUNCH OF CUBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't be fooled, this really is XP, I just always loved the look of Mac OS X so I used it as my XP theme
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Aug 7, 2011
I had been using Vista for the longest time until very recently when a friend was kind enough to give me his old PC when he upgraded. It still has XP on it, but I'm not complaining!


Keyblade Master
Jul 31, 2012
Windows 7 all the way, I've dipped my nose to far into XP, I've been a Windows 7 user since February of this year. And a faithful Windows user since the day I was born.

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