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What Non-Zelda Characters Deserve the Triforce Pieces?

Oct 26, 2008
I'd have to go with...

Triforce of Power - Sauron
Triforce of Wisdom - Gandalf
Triforce of Courage - Frodo

I know they are all Lord of the Rings characters but they are the most fitting people in my eyes. I'd go with Frodo being courage too, I don't really remember him having much wisdom throughout the film. :P Particularly since he couldn't see what Gollem was doing to him and Sam.
Dec 21, 2011
Triforce of Wisdom - Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Triforce of Courage - Beowulf from Beowulf

Triforce of Power - Metapod


Nov 12, 2010
Triforce of Wisdom:

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad


Altaïr is the finest Mentor the Assassins ever had. He used the Apple not for battle, but for gaining wisdom that would better the Order for centuries to come. Many of his inventions and techniques for assassination are still used to this day. Even the modern-day Hidden Blade - an electrified blade of pure death - is still modeled after his design. It took six centuries for his Hidden Gun to be outdated, and even then, it could have been a valuable asset. His wisdom also bettered the Creed by developing the Three Ironies.

Triforce of Power:

Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Ezio just breathes power. He's the tank of the Assassin Order; you can toss him off the side of a mountain, and he'll survive. You can stab him four times and he'll survive. Then, he will jump on you with 250 pounds - or more - of sheer muscle, stab you, and you will die. He exudes power with everything that he does - whether he's killing the Borgias, or delivering a speech to the Turkish Assassins.

Triforce of Courage:



Connor Kenway is a man of courage. He'll run into the line of fire, use enemies as shields, and then kill the general of the British forces. And yet, he isn't afraid to go against the command of the Patriot force's general; George Washington. The Templars consistently call him blind, foolish and weak, but courageous is not a trait that they are capable of putting into question. The man will never back down.

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