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What Made You Happy Today?

Manufacture 43 has released an update for Pawarumi that punches things up to 60fps and fixes some latency issues.

Usually I don't care about stuff like that but in a Shmup it kind of matters if you want to chase scores. It's also a really nice looking game so it's nice to see it running so well.

They also added achievements and new unlockables. Very nice.

I really like this game so it's really cool to see it get some love after nearly a year.

Oooh, they changed the icon tile too, niiiiice. Very pretty.


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We have picked dew berries all through this past month, and now we have a bunch of jam and jelly in the freezer. It’s some of my favorite jam, I love it on toast, pancakes, the runny jelly kind I like on vanilla ice cream. We also saw some strawberries that were on sale, each pack was a dollar, so we got four of those and made some strawberry jam too, it tastes so good!! ❤

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