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What Made You Happy Today?


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Jan 31, 2010
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Angel of Darkness
Today I got a christmas card from a very nice lady. It isn't the present she gave me along wirh the card but the words she wrote in the card that made my day. Some people really appreciate all your hard work and because of them my job has a purpose other than delivering bills or spam letters :ham:


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My dad's aunt came to visit us today. She has down syndrome and usually lives in a group home, so she was excited when we told her she wasn't going back there until New Years. Little does she know that she's actually staying with my grandpa, who just bought a house and has a whole room for her. They just left "for a ride" with her saying "I'll be back! Wait for me, I'll be right back!" She's gonna be so excited once she figures out where she's actually staying.
Getting presents for christmas is fun but I also had such an awesome time watching my family open the presents I got for them.
I was so happy when my lil brother came out of the bedroom and saw the big mario plush I got him and he just smiled so hard and all day he played with him and kept saying how much he 'loved mario plushie' <3
And it makes me so happy to know they like the presents I picked out, like the pokemon cards and animal crossing figures I got for my sis, and the zelda wallet I got for my mom. I think really hard about what I want to get for them and if they'd like it or not, and knowing they did makes my day so much better

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Is there a "what made you laugh today" thread? No? Well, close enough. I got a phishing text this morning claiming that my Netflix account is locked and to provide the log ins to fix it. Except I don't even HAVE a Netflix account! Nice try, loser!

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