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What Made You Happy Today?

Mikey the Moblin

sushi is a suspicious hello
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
I won my vgc match today :D
I didn't play particularly well but I had some great reads
one thing I'm especially proud of was predicting my opponent to shift strategies in game 3 and lead whimsicott+tapu fini
I predicted it perfectly and led with gothitelle+spectrier and fake out+shadow balled the whimsicott before they could get tailwind off
Apr 16, 2021
My mom's friends came over for dinner and they brought their kids, who are pretty into Smash so we all played for a couple hours and had a great time, first time I've gotten to play with people in person all summer and it was great.


Oct 19, 2021
The Silent Realm
Very few things happened at work today during this eight-hour period where we only have two guys on duty.
Things didn't get as bad as they could've gotten if it were as busy as yesterday.
And I managed to get to the cafeteria so I didn't miss out on BBQ Briskets and Deep-Fired-Cheesy-Bacon-Broccoli-Bites

Spiritual Mask Salesman

CHIMer Dragonborn
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So my Galaxy Tab has a better screen than my laptop. One of the reasons I bought this tablet was to use the tablets second screen feature to cast my laptop screen to the tablet so it would be in a higher resolution, but also so I could use the tablet as a sort of wireless pen display. For a long time I couldn't use it as a pen display because the pressure sensitivity would not function. Today I finally figured out how to get pressure sensitivity to work!

I'm really happy because this is wireless, and also because this tablet has pen tilt functionality! The XP Pen I have I still love, but it doesn't have pen tilt, so there are brushes I have that I haven't been able to use on the PC versions of the softwares I use up until now! I can also do a 3 screen workspace now!

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