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What Languages Do You Speak?


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I'm obviously fluent in English.
Also, I am in my second year of my Beginners Japanese course at high school so I can read hiragana, katakana and almost 100 kanji (although, not knowing what they mean all the time). I'm really enjoying learning it as a language :)
Jan 1, 2014
Alberta, Canada
I'm only fluent in English (and Middle English, but it doesn't take much training to read that.) I can read some French, but poorly.

I'm currently teaching myself Norwegian (slowly), and I'd love to learn Dutch some day.


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Feb 28, 2010
New York
I WISH I could speak another language, but I can only speak English. I just have such a hard time learning other languages and it never goes well. Darn…


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May 28, 2010
Ontario, Canada.
I am kinda fluent in English. I know a good chunk of Hindi, and am beginning to learn to read and write it. I learned French at school for 6 years, but I am not good at it xD I might be able to tell what you are saying, but there are too many rules for me to write it out correctly :kawaii: I had one year of German, so only know basic words and phrases :P

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Jun 15, 2010
Renaissance Italy
I can't even read half this thread.

I can only speak Anglish, the language of the Angles. I am also learning this super weird language. The rules of pronunciation change with every word, the grammar is too specific and complex, not to mention that it comes with this huge pool of dialects that makes it quite difficult to understand. It also a huge mess of other languages, so I guess I'm learning a little of everything. I would like to speak/read Latin, Japanese, and Hungarian (long story) at some point in my life. Oh, and maybe Spanish. Maybe.


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I took 2 years of French in high school, though it's been a really long time since then. I want to get myself learning it again, as I want to be fluent in it. I only know the basics of Spanish, German, and Japanese, and trace words from various other languages like Greek and Russian. I'm only fluent in one language:



Feb 14, 2014
I started to study Japanese a little bit. I'm not that great at all at it yet but my Japanese pen pals tell me that I am. Ehhh :sweat:


That what I usually say when I first meet Japanese people. It just says "Hello! My name is Tyler! Nice to meet you! I'm American." :cool:


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Jan 29, 2010
I know some Japanese. Most of it stemmed from reading the Eng-Jap dictionaries when I was younger, and the rest came from fan-subs and a bit of research. I know a few important words, but I'm not fluent by any means.
Kind of odd though, considering I live in Thailand and only know about half as much Thai.

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
I speak aboot somepin called the Canadian, eh!

I speak English, primarily. Though I am also quite bilingual, as I am fairly fluent in french as well. Also, Dora the Explorer taught me how to count to 10 in Spanish! :D

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Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
I have full command of the English language, and I weild it as a double-edged blade. I'm also adept at basic French and Japanese.

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