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What Languages Do You Know?


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Jan 31, 2010
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Angel of Darkness
I speak:
Dutch - Because I am dutch and this is my first language
English - I learned it at school and it has become very close to my first language. I often do speak/write mroe in english than my own language
German - I learned this also at school and I worked in Hotels for so many years and had to talk to german people. So I speak and understand German very well
French - Also learned at school but I don't speak it that well. Just a tous petit peux
I speak English. Typical United-Statesian English but with better grammar. I used to know a bit of American Sign Language for a while, because I would occasionally hepl out in the Special Ed classrooms at my middle school, but now I can only remember a few hand signs. Oh, and some of my Somalian friends taught me a few phrases in Somali, too. An example? *points to usertitle* I also know a decent amount of Spanish, but that's because I've been taking it as a second language--my school doesn't offer any of the other languages I wanted to learn. I am capable of holding a basic conversation about random stuffs, but my structuring might need some work. I can also say a few words and phrases in Japanese, but those are mostly Legend of Zelda terms. x) And I can only write my name and Ganondorf's name in Katakana. That's it. Like, ya.

And I have been working on ingraining the characters of Skyward Sword's Hylian into my head, so I'm getting more fluent in writing with that, too. =P Translating in-game and making my sister be all like, "Over-obsessed freak!"

Oh. I know a bit of HTML. Like, the basics, anyways. Enough to make a website look somewhat decent. And I can read music. That deserves to be considered a language. ♫

I have to make this lengthy, right?
Iway peaksay igpay atinlay, ootay.
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Nov 12, 2010
Hmm. Naturally, I know English. This is obvious, given the fact that I'm speaking it right now. However, I also took Spanish from Pre-K to Fifth grade, then from Seventh to Eighth. That being said, I only have about the knowledge of Spanish II. I decided not to take Spanish 3 this year, and have decided to learn Italian. Given its similarity to Spanish, I have some knowledge already. Assassin's Creed has strangely enough helped me with Italian as well. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood taught me a little bit of French, alongside the French class I was in while taking Spanish I online. By reading Assassin's Creed Revelations' book, I've also learned a little bit of Arabic, but my pronunciations are rusty, and I can't write using their form of writing.

That being said, I'd say I am fluent in one language (English), comfortable in two (Spanish and Italian), and weak in another two (Arabic and French).


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Apr 26, 2012
Spanish (mother language), English, German, French, Japanese (just a little)


van der Nguyen
Nov 21, 2011
English, Vietnamese, Russian
Because I'm Vietnamese, grew up in Russia, and simply love the English language

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