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Breath of the Wild What Kind of Story Do You Want in Zelda Wii U

Discussion on TLOZ Breath of the Wild


Finding Love by the Moon
May 28, 2012
Macy, Indiana
I would love to see and brand new story off of a new slate.

I mean obviously there should be some legend for history, but maybe they could twist it around. Instead of it being about a hero who wielded a sword and sealed away evil to save the kingdom and the princess, it could be a legend about the Master Sword with how it came to be in Skyward Sword. Basically, the Master Sword would be sealed away somewhere safe and it would be the only connection to the past. Once the sword is drawn, everything from the past would come into play.

Or it could be a sequal to Twilight Princess and bring Midna back or have a decendant of Midna in the game :3


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Feb 25, 2013
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Simple. The story detail and cinematic appeal of SS, with the complex dungeons and storytelling and environments from TP. That and OoT's charm, if they have a jar of that lying around somewhere in their box from heaven.
Feb 5, 2011
I want a sort of love story with Link and Zelda like in Skyward Sword. Maybe a more realistic way of a hero and princess in love, maybe they met as children and remeet again years later.


I'd want to see a story that sort of combines TP and OOT. They should make the Sheikah return or introduce more of a back story for them. The game should take place in the child timeline and after Four Swords Adventures. They should make Ganondorf the main villain. Or something where There are 2 Links: one in the future and one in the past. These are only ideas but I would love to see them in the next Zelda game.


Jan 28, 2013
I would like to see a Zelda title that explains the events mentioned in the beginning of Windwaker. Like the flooding of Hyrule. I think that would be amazing.
Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
What kind of story do I want to see? Depends on what kind of game we're referring to. (I know, me getting complicated again. Who would've thought.)

Nintendo's talking about emphasizing non-linearity, so the best way to pull that off is most likely to have something of a Majora's Mask approach (or Metroid Prime if you prefer), where there's little actual story but a world of character development, subplots, relationships, and dilemmas throughout the land if you look for them. I'm not saying the story has to be dull or not improve, but it's hard to have one solid narrative when we're doing dungeons in whatever order we want. The enjoyability of the story then largely hinges on the quality of its segments we put together at our choosing. Are we angered that the daughter of the mayor was slain by the villain's personal attack on the village? Did we find love with a forlorn woman on an island? Are we coming to understand the villain more and more through our altruistic efforts? It's things like these that bring out the best of a loose narrative since it can't progress in one solid fashion. In a way, we need to be motivated apart from the story rather than because of it. Again, actual plot points and detail should still be deep and of the best fiber, but expecting the motivation to come from one solid narrative will probably lead to disappointment.

Should Zelda attempt another linear story (as I believe it should frequently), though, we're going to need a bit of everything stepped up. As JuicieJ said quite awhile ago, Skyward Sword did much to step up cinematics and character development, but it's a long way from home, and it's still sorely lacking in the detail department. Most of its story can be easily summarized in a few simple paragraphs without omitting any crucial details. What we need is a long, detailed, intricate narrative with plenty of CONSTANT character development and story reveals (like a JRPG), the expert cinematography and scenarios of a high-budget fantasy movie (like The Lord of the Rings), and realistic, varied, engaging character dialogue (like, say, Uncharted or Far Cry 3). Not every game combines all these things into one, so Zelda could actually be quite unique if it does this. It generally has good dialogue and engaging characters, but forgets to flesh out the story, add details, cover up plot holes, or pace out the game so it looks and feels as epic as it should. We need a significant overhaul.

As for smaller wishes for a linear Zelda story, I'd really like to see a Zelda game that doesn't rely on collecting a bunch of sacred objects or the "three dungeons, plot twist, three dungeons" formula. If only just once, I want a Zelda story that is constantly changing and evolving without falling back on tired tropes to move the plot forward, so that each dungeon comes with a very different task and ends with a different outcome, not just "go to this temple, collect the sacred item, open up the next dungeon area." That would be something new and refreshing.


I know that the tech demo thing where you see a TP looking Link with a fairy fighting an Armoghoma like enemy was just that: a tech demo. But I like to imagine that it was something to go off of in terms of predicting the next Zelda game. Bear with me here. At the end of Ocarina of Time, in the child timeline, Navi flew through the window of the sword chamber. In the same timeline, that's where Link goes in TP to access the Temple of Time dungeon. So maybe that's where Navi went. And in the new Zelda game, you're Twilight Princess Link again and you go back into the Temple of Time and find Navi! I know that with all we've heard about the game so far this is quite impossible. But I can dream


Ok first of all I think the new wii u Zelda should stick to having Epona in it as epona is awesome :party:, but as OOT did, Epona should be given to you by someone once completed a task like racing or a side quest like killing a monster that has be disturbing the owner :) The dungeons, I will admit, can be pretty awesome at times and I liked the sages in OOT and in Wind Waker but some of the dungeons in wind waker. SS's Trials was awesome and was a whole new twist one how everything was done but still as some of you have said it was a great build up to a disappointing end :( I love the idea of dungeons as long as thay are fun and adventurous like in twilight princess with the forest temple and snowpeak ruins temple and the bosses were fantastic. If anything I say they should have more adventure and more gameplay in the new zelda wii u game as the other games were easily completed in a week or less depending how devoted you are :P
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
I want something dark. The per norm cheerfulness is great, but if you take the standard Zelda formula and twist it, not in the helpless, ominous manner of MM or int eh constantly shadowed light of TP, but something different. A normal game on the outside, but thinly veiling shadows that could jump out at any moment. I'm a depressing person... Give it a lot of hidden meanings, more ultimate doom, and perhaps have Link fall to the darkness at one point and somehow rise again. yes, I want Link to LOSE.

Put emphasis on characters and make you love Hyrule and its people. Watch it crumble, helpless. Rise up, the only light.. then join the shadows against your will but resist them. Lose, jut when you've won... and be revived at the last second, barely alive and weaponless. Then strike the final blow with the shards of the Master Sword...

I want that sort of epic feeling. I want just how dangerous and cruel life can be to really shine through. I want it to become clearer that saving the world is harder than it looks. I want loss, pain, and finally, sweet retribution. I want an open ending.

That is all.

I'll probably ahve to wait a very long time to get what I want, but until then... I'm dreaming.
Nov 25, 2012
Monkey Island
I'm hoping Zelda Wii U has a more mature story...I don't mean anything too deep and philosophical, but around anime level in terms of story depth, character development, character-character relationships and emotions, etc. I'd say most Zelda games are around classic Disney level in terms of storyline depth, which certainly isn't bad--it's charming and it allows more room for gameplay and environmental design to shine. But I think Zelda Wii U should be more ambitious in its storytelling, because this is the first time Zelda is going completely HD (right?). That means the cutscenes can be longer and more cinematic... longer/more cutscenes basically means more character development/plot depth in video games, because its hard to develop character/plot in gameplay sequences.

That being said, I want more character development: tragic backstories, flashbacks, etc. and more emphasis on inter-character relationships... sibling bonds, parent-child bonds, and yes, romantic bonds. I don't really mind the extremely downplayed, implicit "romance" between Link and Zelda, Malon, Tetra, etc, because that kind of shallow relationship suits Disney-like games like WW and SS (it would be weird to see full-blown romantic feelings in stories like those), but if they have that kind of thing in Zelda Wii U, I'll be very disappointed (assuming ZeldaU takes the mature approach).

Finally, I think the story itself should be more heavy. Make death, pain, suffering, etc a little more explicit (just around anime level).

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