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What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
I’ve had lots of pets throughout the years, as I really love and enjoy animals (as I suppose many people do). Currently I have two dogs – a larger, female dog named Isabel (who’s getting quite along in years), and a small and adorable male dog named Biscuit. No idea on breeds. I had so many pets when I was little that it’s hard to remember which one I had first, but if I remember right, the first pet I ever had was a lovely albino rabbit. I’ve also had lots of cats, birds, fish, many other dogs, and another bunny. One of my cats was named Anju after my older sister first played Majora’s Mask… it’s too bad we didn’t have a Kafei cat to go with her. :>
Apr 6, 2012
I have a dog. It's a dachshund mixed with something unknown and her name is Gipsy.
She is probably around 9 or 10 years old. Since she was abandoned on the street it's not exactly clear how old she really is.
It's obvious that wherever she came from, it was not a loving home. You just have to raise your hand to pick something up to make her twitch :(
But despite all of it, she is very cute and loveable <3


Defender of Peace
Oct 2, 2011
I do and I love her so much!
Name is Chloe
Breed is Havanese
And She's almost 2 years old and around 12 in Dog Years
Apr 4, 2012
I have 2 dogs. I favor one over the other because we got him 6 years sooner but I still love them both.


Apr 10, 2012
Hrm, lets see. 3 parrots, all of which talk to some extent. 2 cats, countless fish, two crested geckos, a ball python... And a frog xP


Pikachu my Snorlax
Dec 14, 2011
I have two dogs. One is a Ridgeback Retriever mix and is MASSIVE. The other is a Terrier poodle mix and is about 20 pounds. It's the weirdest feeling to wake up with a nearly 100 pound dog on your legs and a 20 pound dog on your back.
Apr 4, 2012
Male Golden retriver Goofy,2 fishes,2 parotts,male cat (Garfield Look-a-like :P they also share their names and personalities )
Dec 19, 2011
I have 2 dogs. One is named Blacky, I rescued him, found him freezing, shivering in a bush years ago in the winter time. he is my pride and joy.
The second ones name is Daisy, she is a puppy and is very bad!!!

Special shout out to my 2 pets that died in the past 2 years.

Toonces the 19 year old cat that could drive a cat. He was a very special, amazing car. Tons of cool stories, that cat was special.
Garcia, a very good dog that I was blessed to have for 9 years, his heart gave out on him back in December.

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