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What Kind of Game Would You Make?


Vermin Supreme 2012!!!
A cross between games like civilization, age of empires etc. Like real time strategy but also an in-depth political simulation. Not only do you deal with outside powers but with internal policies and politics. Basically you run a nation and try to survive in the hostile world. Do you conquer? Do you try and build up an economic power? A shining example of freedom or a police state? etc etc

That would be the most amazing game ever. Ever. I would totally be like finland.
Sep 4, 2011
My game would be called "Rage"

The Story: Your hero/heroin will be named and created by you. As you awake one morning and your a genuinely average character you live on the island named a keji after the great hero keji who sealed away the ancient monster "aumi" as you awake your mother ask you how you slept and if you would run a few errands for her. Excited by the very idea of anything considerably close to adventure you dawn your lucky white T-shirt (you customize the pants and shoes yourself) as you head out you give your mother a kiss on the cheek and a smile and you depart. (story mode you begin learning the controls as you run around the small island bazaar collecting your mothers items) as you collect the last item you begin to head back toward home you notice something falling out of the sky and toward you. Out of curiosity you continue to stare at the object as it appears clearer you realize it is some type of rock and duck for cover the rock smashes into a nearby house leaving pure destruction in it's remain and the inhabitants dead. And as you begin getting scared from what you've just witnessed you look toward home and begin running as fast as you can. As you begin approaching your home it explodes and a shard from the explosion sinks into your chest you fall to the ground and feel deaths embrace begin to overtake you as you. Hours later you awake to nothing but rubble all around you and you struggle to stand and begin heading home to check on your mother. When you enter the house you fall to your knees and look upon your mother pinned by one of the beams of the demolished house you try to lift the beam but to no avail your too weak. She smiles as she breaths her final breaths and rubs the side of your face tenderly before passing.

You begin to cry your tears smudging the blood stains on her face. You stand and attempt again to move the beam to bury her but again you are too weak you scream in anger and pain as your wounds from the shard that mysteriously is no longer in your chest begin to re open and bleed out more. You fall and cry more before standing to again push but again yielding the same results. Then suddenly you hear a voice and you see a shady figure wearing black clothing standing in your door way you walk toward the person and ask if they are a survivor of the disaster. The person then hands you a piece of paper and dis-appears among the rubble to interested in the paper you pay no mind to the vanishing stranger and open the paper to read. It's a map and at the bottom it shows the hero's name "Keji" You follow the map which leads to a cave under the island. (I won't go into depth on how you get there because you take over and learn to read the map) you enter the cave and begin hearing ringing it's almost ear splitting and it drives you crazy but suddenly a force pulls you into the cave and the ringing gets louder and louder the farther you go. It becomes unbearable and you begin yelling in pain until you are thrown in front of a statue of the Hero "Keji" were you see the mysterious character again. But before you can call for help, you suddenly the noise doubles in strength which causes you to fall to your knees and pant. You begin feeling a rush of emotion surging through you urging you to explode with different feelings images of your dead mom and friends you just want it to all end but you can't make it go away so you open your mouth and begin yelling louder and louder and louder until suddenly your body projects huge spikes that begin fluctuating and causes you unimaginable pain as they stretch your body to its limits and then suddenly you let out a final yell and out pops a boy with a green shirt and the same pants and shoes that looks just like you.

Intro "Courage" one of your many emotion based weapons when you feel helpless he emergess to vanquish all surrounding foes with his bontosai a mighty amazing Gigantic Longsword with a bell tied to the handle.

As you silence your screams to look up at him he dashes forward at the shadows and begins slicing and hacking away mercilessly until the noise is gone and he returns to stand in front of you he smiles then helps you up and fades to smoke that you then breath into your body involuntarily. Shocked by this you remain silent staring with tears in your eyes from the yelling. the shadowy figure approaches you and begins to instruct you of the great power you have obtained and points to the scar on your chest. Explaining that as the shard fused with your body it gave you the ability to project your emotion into aggression and attack with it she pints to the ground showing you that you are now also casting two shadows as you progress on revealing new "emotion warriors" your body will gain a new shadow showing there presence has been made within your limits.

From there she tells you the tale of the monster that attacked your village in order to steal the "soul shadows" of its victims to feed it's insatiable appetite. From there you know what must be done....

Walk the path of Rage....to get revenge....is all you feel.....

The other emotion chracters are:










Each emotion baring it's own weapon and specific skill not all are for attacking some are for defense and others give you supernatural ability's (speed, strength, flight, telekinesis)

In the game you will also have to make choices. To save people or fulfill your only selfish desires. Some will yield in nothing but helping others while some will yield rewards in return. And likewise for negative deeds. Were some must die for your cause.

That's all i'll disclose in this thread about the game if you'd like though I was thinking of finishing the story line out as a book in the forums. I would type up the adventures he would go through and more on the "Emotion Warriors" as well as a few artist renderings of the characters.

Let me hear a few comments on this before hand and I may just do that.

Well actually, it doesn't sound like a game at all. It could be a book, but I don't see anything related to gaming from what I just read.
Dec 19, 2011
I always wanted to make a video game, my mind is just endless with ideas! I would make something along the lines of Final Fantasy, but still making it original . With graphics a lot like Final Fantasy 13, amazing music that just takes into another world, a story line that keeps you guessing and blows your mind, cut scenes filled with awesome action and amazing angled shots, and....just a game that leaves people speechless. I would probably make mostly RPGs, but I could make something else if I had to. Just saying this, but I would also love to work on a Zelda game, I mean who wouldn't? :D

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