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What Kind of Friendships Do You Have?


trollin for booty
Sep 29, 2009
i guess what i mean is, how do you and your friends treat each other? how well do you trust them? what created the majority of your friendships?

my friends and i hate and love each other at the same time. we verbally abuse each other while greeting one another. we were the leftovers of all the other groups that the popular groups didn't want so we stuck together. i trust my friends to the end of the planet, i trust that they will keep me safe. we always look out for each other. the cool thing is few of us are the same in any way, there are two punk rockers, a hip hop hipster, a metal head, and a butt rock hipster. we are all we need.


Lord of the Flies
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Oct 14, 2007
West Dundee, IL
It really depends on the Friend. There are a lot of people I know that I would classify as a friend, but the degree of the friendship varies.

For most casual friends that I might just see a few times a year, don't really call/text, or whatnot, well, they are just friends. I'm friendly with them, occasionally hang out, and that's that. I try to be nice to all my friends and I never purposely say or do bad things to anybody. More frequent friends that I see every few weeks/months, I might be slightly more personal with them, but I don't really treat them much different.

I've had a revolving door of friends for the better part of the last 20 years, and really only have what I consider 2 close friends that live near me. My two best friends are people that I'm extremely open too and there really isn't anything I cannot say to them.

I know a lot of people through different parts of my life and while I'm not a different person, the circumstances cause me to act certain ways. I coach the chess team at my local high school and I'm obviously not going to talk to 14-18yr old kids just as I'd talk to somebody my age, in regards to the topics. Similarly, I coach little league baseball, so the things I'll say to a 12-13 yr old boy, or their middle-aged parents, are unique to those situations.

Online is a bit more complicated, since I know so many people through all my interactions. I'd say there is an extremely small sample of people, maybe just 5 people that I'm fairly open to. Other than that, I'm quite private and don't openly share things with some people. Not that I really have much to hide, but to the public, there are obviously some personal things they just don't need to know.
I treasure my friends although I admit there have been some bumps in our relationship along the way.

While I know it isn't entirely beneficial I often escape from the problems of reality by chilling with friends in real life or on the Internet. I'm a shy guy so forming friendships isn't easy but I certainly try to maintain long standing ones especially since I've lost several friends before over petty arguments or faded interest and severing interaction.

It's important to have a balanced life of responsibility and social enjoyment. While school work currently occupies most of my time and will further consume me during the impending college years, I'll always endeavor to find time for my friends and our revered restaurant or theatre nights. Living with the least regrets possible is among my most treasured ends and social escapes are among the most joyous memories I cherish.

An aspect I'd like to improve in all my friendships is trust. While I confide my problems in my pals, whatever occurs at home stays home and my feelings of affection are locked in my heart. It's a barrier I've attempted to shatter but have failed to destroy thus far.


Jul 26, 2010
I have a lot of friends, but very few close friends that actually get to know me. With my more distant friends I am generally friendly with, sometimes hang out with them in a big group or party. I only have about 4 close friends and 2 best friends, although I think my other best friend is on the way out because she hasn't been putting a lot of effort into the friendship. I'm really hyper and weird most of the time, but I'm really a private person as loud as I am at school. I'd say only my close friends know a little personal stuff about me, but I don't really say much. Some of my friendships are pretty shallow, but I make really deep friendships with people who are best friends. I'm pretty much loyal to them and I'd hope they be the same to me. A few friends of mine have done some pretty messed up stuff to me, so that's probably why I'm really careful what I tell people and how much I feel about them.


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Jun 15, 2010
My friends and I abuse each other verbally and physically. We all take it and throw it right back. This is in my close group of friends of say, 8 people. In the expanded group involving those I hardly ever see outside of school, it doesn't really pass friendly conversation and playing sports together.


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
I am so fastidious when it comes to the ideals that I want in a friend that I have only a few people whom I don't refer to as an acquaintance.

I met the majority of my friends in high school and if it weren't for drama class, we probably would never have become the friends we are today. It was one of those pairings that were made when everyone had chosen a group and there were four people left. Only three of those four people became my friends. We have almost nothing in common with each other. I am pretty much a Japanophile and enjoy everything from Anime to J-Horror and even Japanese history. My friends are more into computer gaming than I am (I prefer Console gaming and to make matters worse I am a Nintendo person), I am very vocal with my opinions about LGBTIQ rights and it made them a bit uncomfortable when I used to bring it up in high school and I also have a penchant for musicals and musical theatre and they do not share my love for it. I have no idea why we get along but we do and it just works so I don't really question it all that much. We've never had a major argument. We stick together and stick up for one another if the need to do so ever arises.

Over the many years we've spent together though, we have influenced each others interests. My friends managed to get me into gaming (although I dislike online games with a passion) and they appreciate a good anime and Japanese movie every once in a while! But that's the whole purpose of being a friend, in my humble opinion. It is to touch someone in a way that even if you have little to nothing in common, you have made an impression in that person's life and that is what I hope I have been able to do. I feel that if you are 'friends' with someone and for some reason your friendship is terminated and you don't feel a yearning to see them again, then they weren't really a friend to begin with.

That is how I view my relationship with my friends (and hopefully you were able to follow that).
(talking about real life not online) All of my friends are freaks and only get on with a few people, good thing we all get along with each other. My friendships are weird because we all seem to be very clingy to each other, we would be hard pushed to find other friends if we didnt have each other because we're so odd to most people an most people don't want to take the time to know us better due to their prejudices, especially with the way i look. So yeah, my friends are good friends and close friends in the best way they can be, there is love there. Just a shame there arent more of us.


Forgotten Life
Nov 30, 2012
Forgotten World
I don't call them friends, I guess.. They always stab me in the back. Ouch? But I'm glad I have some friends from the forum. At least :)


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
I get easily in touch with people and they always talk to me about their private issues without me even asking. I'm open so I make friends easy which I never did when I was a teenager. The strange part is most of my friends are male. I get along with both males and females but somehow my best friends on this planet are male. I met one of my best friends ever online and it turned out he lived only 15 minutes away from me and still does :P We are both Hockey crazy and when we're together we always banter like a married couple. The strangest thing was last year when we watched hockey and we started to clap at the same time and started to sing at the same time and also said the same word at the same time. That was creepy but in a fun way. I also have one female friend I'm very close with. She is a lot older than I am but we used to be coworkers and we always have fun. She and my hockey buddy are the only two people in real life to whom I really talk about everything. The other person who knows almost everything about me is Laz who is one of my best online friends ever


Jul 1, 2012
Am a very social person some got along with all types of people in school, of course I had my close friends but about 2 years ago our school joined with another school and then everything went downhill....

I started to talk less and less with my close friends and I the end two of my close friends hated another they used to always fight verbally and physically. So this put me in an awkward position and my close group of friends split up, this left me I the middle so my last year in school when I was 16 was kinda mehh.

When I left school and went to college, btw this is not university it just works differently in England....So anyway when I started college abt a year and half ago I made a quite a lot of new friends as well as making up with old friends. So my friend group atm is quite good and we all enjoy sports, music but unfortunately none of them are into Zelda :( but were all quite crazy!
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Violet Link

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Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
I have friends, but most of them all don't even care about me. I only have a few close friends, like around 4 people only. Since my best friend stabs me at the back all the time and the others hardly even care except those 4 people.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
It depends on the friends.

When I'm with my guy friends I'm a pervert and I joke around a lot. I'm not really afraid that I'm going to say something stupid because I don't care. And you know you have a good friendship when everyone questions your sexuality :P

When I'm with girls I'm completely different. I don't say much and I'm just listening to them 99% of the time. Sometimes they forget I'm there and the say it's like I'm a statue. I'm not social when there is no guys around.

When I'm online talking to friends I guess it's a mixture of both. I'm just Pancake when I'm talking to online friends.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I consider my friends very important. I have many sections of friends, actually, but I'll save the mindless jabber for later.

I have only one super duper amazingly important friend and that is my only childhood friend who doubles as my best friend. I've known him since kindergarten, helped him out with moving, cleaning his old house, volunteering at the homeless shelter, etc. Ironically, we don't talk or see each other much, at best like twice a year. I heard that his school was on a chemical fire and I was scared for his life, completely honest. I can trust him with anything, really, but he doesn't ask for much. ALso, he helped me get a job last summer so I'm thankful for that :D

Then I have my public school friends. There's a huge section of that, but most of them I don't trust but I still consider them friends because we laugh and joke about mostly everything. Fun people to be around, but they're shifty so I have to watch myself constantly.

Next I have my two closest public school friends, one boy and one girl. The ironic thing about them is that I caused their dating relationship to break up, but they still consider me to be their best friends. The boy I can tell basically anything; we share many of the same problems and I've helped him somewhat by letting him borrow my 3DS for two whole weeks without payback. Bad thing is the boy does drugs. The girl I can tell basically anything, but we live in two very different worlds. I like her a LOT and wish to marry her someday, but she doesn't have an eye at al for me and simply does her own thing.

Last I have my online friends, which is literally all of ZD and that's it. You guys range from mean to extremely awesome, and I appreciate each and every last one of you being here.

Now, I did write a lot but I have to say this: I'm not a very sociable person at all. I don't know how others view me, and I second guess my appearance to others at all times. :I


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
I have these friends i've known since middle school. and honestly our friendship and spanned distance and time.. we've been in the worst arguments, terrible Boy/girlfriends, and life choices that threw us for loops. but here we are.. still here and together! we honestly love each other and we are still there for each other in what ever way needed or possible..

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
Ironically, the people I see the most often are range from aquaintences to friends.

I have a few really close friends that I can trust to back me up if needed.
The funny thing is, I only see them a handful of times a year.

I went to some tough camps with them growing up, that are a week long.
It is easier to learn if you can trust someone, if you live with them.
You get to see the real them that way.

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