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What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

Jun 14, 2011
Are you the sort of trainer who uses one specific Pokemon no matter what? If so, who is that signature Pokemon and why have you chose that certain Pokemon?

My signature Pokemon is Espeon because I mainly use Psychic Types and I think Espeon has outstanding Sp. Attack and speed. It also has a very good moveset.

Be sure to let me know your signature pokemon ;)


the over analysing guy
Aug 17, 2011
South Wales
Either my old venasaur or the first mewtwo I caught. I don't really play pokemon competitively, I personally don't see the fun of it but I have nothing against people who do :P


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Chikorita and its family of evolutions for me. As far as the main game goes, Sunny Day + Solarbeam decimates anything that happens to show up. In case that's not enough, Body Slam takes care of them. ;)


Jun 22, 2011
The closest thing I'd have to a signature pokemon would be my Snorlaxes. Keep in mind I've only ever played Yellow and Blue.

Snorlax 1: Body Slam, Rest, Earthquake, Rock Slide

Snorlax 2: Amnesia, Rest, Psychic, Ice Beam

The first Snorlax is pretty self-expanatory (Snorlax has high attack and so I gave it 3 physical attacks), but with the second one you have to keep in mind that Amnesia was different in the first generation so you could use it many more times effectively. So basically the second Snorlax could use amnesia a bunch of times, its special would go way up, and then it could kill just about anything in one hit. Also the special would stay up until the whole battle is done so it could wipe out whole teams. Around level 45 in Pokemon Yellow I could get through all of the Elite Four with just these two Snorlaxes (of course I did cheat a little bit with revives and potions though).


Collecting Dust
Sep 27, 2010
My signature pokémon are (I'm choosing one from B/W and one from HG/SS):
B/W= Jellicent, aka McTash. He is pretty bulky and hydro-pump decimates most foes! Scald and sludgebomb are also used alongside Hex for status and STAB.
HG/SS= Magnezone, aka Resonance. Once again, bulky, and also going with my fave types (Ghost for McTash and steel for Ressy) I have forgotten his moves, but he has one me many battles and everyone at school was always dreading when the text came up saying "Nos sent out Resonance."


Pokémon Pusher
Sep 22, 2011
My one now seems to be Mew - I grew attached to it after getting it at an event and felt sentimentally drawn towards it ever since - transferred through several games with me. I like the variety of moves available for Mew.

Ice Sage

these are words
Jul 25, 2011
Ice Temple
Firefly, my Charizard. I rarely lose a normal battle with him on my team. Techniqly I'm on my second or third Firefly.

Master Sword13

Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
My signature Pokemon in the games would have to be Serperior, just because he was my first legitimate starter Pokemon. Outside of Black/White, though, I would say Snivy. I even use a Snivy named Leif in my Flipnotes.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
My signature Pokemon is definitely a tie between Blaziken and Espeon. I just love them both and get them as fast as I can into my party.

Blaze Hero

Blaziken. Since it was created, I've stuck with Blaziken as my favorite Pokemon, which is about eight years now. Through the dark days of 4th gen, when everyone was raving about Infernape, I defended Blaziken against countless arguments and accusations of DerpApe's supposed 'superiority' without ever wavering. My devotion to Blaziken is unrivaled, and that will never change. :>


Toon Deity
May 16, 2011
Seattle WA
CHARIZARD. To me, Charizard and Blastoise are truly iconic to the series because of Red and Blue versions.

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