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What is your preferred controller for Smash Bros.?


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Jun 16, 2020
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Tbh, for most of my time playing Smash games, I've usually gone for the old reliable GC controller. But for some reason, with Smash Ultimate, I find myself leaning towards using the Switch Pro controller. Something about how snappy the buttons are and how comfortable it is in my hands.

I know the GC is most popular overall, but what controller(s) do you use when playing Smash? GC, Pro, Joy-cons, etc.?

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I dont know. I haven't had any problems with the default controllers in each game, although I did prefer to gamecube controller over the wiimote with Brawl. But I was fine with the 3DS controls in 4 and I'm fine with the joycons in SSBU.


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Mar 18, 2019
Pro Controller easily.

I can’t stand the GC controller. The dpad and right stick are way too tiny, the face buttons make no sense, the shoulder button feels awful, the triggers are too loose and squishy, and the entire thing feels like cheap plastic.

There's a reason why Nintendo re-release the GC controller alongside new Smash games.
Because Melee fanboys will never shut up about how melee is somehow the messiah of gaming and anything not resembling their cursed entry isn’t worth their time?
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Aug 27, 2011
Gamecube is best but I can handle using the joycons when I play it in handheld mode. I also used them when it was docked when I was teaching my niece and nephew how to play it, it gave us more room for me to be further back.

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I used the Gamecube controller for Melee and Brawl but stuck with the Wii U Game Pad for Smash 4 and now I use the default joycon grip for Smash Ultimate. I pretty much stick to the default controller for a system except with the Wii because the Wii mote is awful for Smash. Yeah, the Gamecube controller is my favorite for Smash but the Gamepad is also surprisingly good.
Nov 9, 2019
I use a Pro Controller and change the controls up to play it like a SNES platformer.

Y - Regular Attack
X - Throw
B - Jump
A - Special
R - Guard/Roll

I disable the Tap Up to Jump thing, the right control stick is used for 'Tilt' attacks and I put the stick sensitivity to Low.

I wonder how many pro-Smash players would have their eyes bleed from reading this.


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Nov 3, 2020
As someone without a GameCube adaptor, I use Pro Controller when playing on TV. But if I ever do get an adaptor (which is unlikely) I'll use that instead, because I love the GameCube controller so much.

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