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What is Your Mood at the Moment?


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Quite stressed. I have my first exam, English Paper 1 tomorrow. Just did the 2013 English Paper 1 and ran out of time while writing the last paragraph :/
Off to do 2012 English Paper 1 now.
Jul 11, 2014
The Lost Woods
I'm pretty upset with myself today. I rear ended a parked car and totally fcckd up my car. So now I need to take a day off work tomorrow to start getting it fixed, call the insurance company and pray my history doesn't make them drop me like the total liability I am, and pray I come out of this with my license intact somehow. And I also lied to my parents about the circumstances, so that's making me unhappy too.

Kylo Ken

I will finish what Spyro started
Aug 10, 2011
Truth is, I've been down in the dumps lately. But, just gotta hunt the good stuff! Silver linings aren't gonna smack you in the face when something bad happens. Once you find the good stuff, you'll be white as rain!

Humming the Super Mario World theme song helps too.


Doesn't have internet
Jul 8, 2013
Current mood: Giddy. I've been in a rut for the past month, almost depression. Today I woke up feeling great, first time in a while.

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