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What is Your Least Favorite Anime?

Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
I don't watch very many animes, but out of the handful I've seen, it might be the second season of Code Geas or Death Note. They weren't bad, but just not at the level I thought they'd be at.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
My least favorite anime as of now is either Fairy Tail (I'm just not engaged in it at all) or Elfenlied (too gory for me).
Sep 27, 2012
Lost Woods, Oregon
You know, I used to LOVE Bleach but when Kubo Sensei killed off Ulquiorra, I lost interest... and then Bleach just got BAD. I mean, really bad. It's not what it once was. So, my least favorite anime ATM has to be Bleach.
You know, I used to LOVE Bleach but when Kubo Sensei killed off Ulquiorra, I lost interest... and then Bleach just got BAD. I mean, really bad. It's not what it once was. So, my least favorite anime ATM has to be Bleach.

The last 20 or so episodes of bleach have been alright. Certainly low on narrative and high on fighting but I don't mind.

My least favorite anime is Inuyasha. It was good in the day but very outdated by today's standards. The narrative is unoriginal and the characters show little development throughout. Honorable mention goes to Cowboy Bebop. The show has its moments but the mission structure of the anime prevents a coherent narrative from developing until the very end.


Sep 19, 2011
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I can't remember exactly what it was called something like black bible or something, and the storyline was just weird, didn't seem to be a good plot but nice animation.
Feb 23, 2011
There is not a single anime in existence—out of the 300 or so that I've watched—that I genuinely disliked. I don't have a least favorite anime...
Aug 2, 2010
There's one called: B-bo-bo-bo bobobobobo or something to that effect. The most ridiculous show I have ever seen.

Azure Sage

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I think I have to say that Highschool of the Dead is my least favorite. I couldn't even make it past the first episode. It's about a zombie apocalypse (I dislike this already), and it's way too gory and bloody for my tastes. On top of that, it's just really ecchi for practically no reason. A girl is fighting zombies and all of a sudden you get like three panty shots throughout the course of the fight. Is that really necessary? I mean, come on. It's the kind of anime you wouldn't expect to be ecchi, but still is.

The one thing I will give to this anime is that the main character mentions that "it's just like in the movies" in reference to the zombie apocalypse. I found that amusing, but other than that, I really don't like this anime.
Feb 20, 2013
Ouran Highschool Host Club. It's nothing but fanservice, fanservice, and wait, guess what? MORE FANSERVICE. Now don't get me wrong, fanservice is nice, once in a while, but when you have an anime that completely CENTERS around that, you know it's bound to be ****.

I think this anime is the stupidest thing ever, despite having been obsessed with it when I was in middle school:

The Visuals
It may just be me, since I'm the only one out of my friends who thinks this, but the art style for the characters is goddamned HIDEOS. I haven't seen uglier-drawn characters since Soul Eater, with crappy eyes like Fruits Basket. For some reason, the colour palettes for the characters just tick me off. They're all so pastel-looking and it just makes the anime seem very fuzzy and low quality.

The "Point"
I was going to rename this as "The Plot", but it's been so long since I've seen the anime that I don't even know if there was a mother****ing plot to begin with. So it's a rich school for kids. With a host club. A host. Club. Tamaki, possible the very epitome of everything and everything that makes a terribly cliché anime character, states that the host club's point is to, "please the ladies". Say, WAT? Rich school or not, what kind of club is that? Now if you're taking an etiquette class that's one, TOTALLY different thing, but a host club? In a high school? That's just weird, Japan, even for you.

Now what if there were a host club for boys? Wouldn't the girls kind of be marked off as...sluts? And I can honestly say that the male students would do more than just look at the female hosts, unlike their male counterparts. Now, I did enjoy Princess Princess, but it's an all-boys school and they aren't even real girls.

But the host club isn't the main reason I hate this anime. Nope, not even close! Basically Haruhi, an apparently androgynous young girl, gets mistaken for a boy. So they prop her in their male clothes (while the dumb ***** doesn't even question it in the first place) and allow her to become a host. First off, everyone outside of Tamaki's little posse thinks she's a guy. So the girls naturally drool over her and Haruhi plays along. While that's hot as hell, the show clearly refrains from any references to yuri whatsoever. Booooorrriiiiiing. Second, wouldn't that be sort of....illegal? Having her pretend she's a male, I mean. Well, not illegal. Let me rephrase that. Wouldn't that be sort of a total dick move? If I'm not mistaken Haruhi, you're poor and you only got through the school via scholarship/good grades. Shouldn't you be focusing more on keeping your *** in that school instead of worrying about your flat chest? God damn.

The Characters
Holding off minor characters for a second, let me describe the female members of the school, the ones who are being "hosted". They support the weirdo's sick twincest fetish and mark off all of the hosts in their little microscopic brains as gay. Wait. Back the **** up. If YOU'RE a girl being hosted and clearly drool over these boys, why the **** do you get off by them pretending to be gay? Sure it's fanservice but..the ****? If any of these 12-year-old-girls even HOPE to reproduce a kid that won't be a stillborn, why are they keeping a mental false note saying every male is automatically gay? The girls, I think, represent most 14-year-old anime fans. Why? BECAUSE MOST 14-YEAR-OLD FEMALE ANIME FANS ARE OBSESSED WITH YAOI. (I said most, not all. If you're not one of them then I obviously wasn't referring to you.) I support all kinds of relationships and sexualities, but this anime just insults my intelligence - which is saying something, since my intelligence level drowns more and more the longer I watch an anime.

Haruhi: Stupid oblivious Mary-Sue who doesn't have the slightest honest **** what's going on the whole time during the anime. Has typical Mary-Sue powers, attributes, personality, and background. Is actually the only good-looking character in the show despite being a ****** character altogether.
Tamaki: Rich shut-in who needs to get slapped with a large wooden plank. Tries to be a hero at any given point and his sole purpose in the show is to create more drama for everybody else.
Hikaru and Kaoru: They attract fan girls to this anime like the trolls attract fans to Homestuck. Their only purpose is to fulfill all of the watchers' Fanfiction needs: yaoi, twincest, fanservice and of course, being twins. Also the more "heartbreaker" characters as they are complete ***** to the female students outside of hosting.
Hunny: He's cute, but that's all he'll ever be. The poor kid is so shota that he's 17 but looks five, and therefore he will never get laid unless he plans on ****ing either a priest or a MILF.
Mori: Hunny's *****.
And then there's some guy with glasses nobody cares about because he's the stereotypical serious character.

It may seem like I genuinely hate this anime. But really, I don't. I enjoyed it when I watched it back in middle school, despite hating it at the same time. It's different in a technical sense, as well as entertaining. Perhaps my favourite thing about this anime at all is the music. No, not just the opening (which is also extremely catchy), but the actual OST. Go listen to it sometime, it's all orchestrated and very classy. Mixed with waltzes and piano pieces, I have much of the soundtrack on my iPod.

In my opinion the biggest downfall of the anime is the characters. They are all TERRIBLY cliché, and the fact that the only main female antagonist is a Mary Sue just makes it much worse than it really should have been. Every character falls in love with her, and the ones who don't are either too preoccupied with doing nothing all day or just not a lesbian (boo hoo.) It's sad too, that every female character in this series is terribly annoying. The zuka group (whatever the **** they're called) could have actually had a decent collection of a female cast. BUT, since this is strictly a fanservice anime, the fans would not allow that, now, would they?

Oh well. As I said, I don't hate this anime, I just think it's fun to rant about the negative aspects of everything I like.

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