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What is Your Handwriting Like?


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
Sooo after having a nice chat in the SB and on Skype about various members' handwriting, we thought it would be neat to share samples and see what everyone's handwriting looks like!


This is my handwriting. It's not particularly girly, but it's (usually) legible for the most part. I also decided to doodle a heart and smiley face. :>

Feel free to share samples of your handwriting here!
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Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
The image is blurry because I took it on the Lenovo YouCam. My handwriting on an average day, without using lined paper to straighten out the rows.


Edit: the curving of the sides of the paper make a curved mirror effect which makes my handwriting look ugly. :/
Rather inconsistent, actually. My handwriting changes slightly everyday, and its neatness usually is a way to monitor my stress level. When I'm stressed, it's rather illegible... I should retrieve some homework to show it, since it's hard to imitate that when I'm not stressed. I also have a lazy, unmotivated handwriting when I'm practically refusing to do my schoolwork--or if I'm falling asleep while notetaking... my hand is very limp, so it looks pretty messy as well. I also write random things to "Gani" all over my papers frequently, and those are typically in a very nice-flowing manuscript or in scrawled cursive.

My typical handwriting is semi-messy, and I usually don't pick up my writing utensil quite as much as I used to. Recently, I've changed the ways I write my capital G's, and I've been forgetting to dot my i's lately. xD There are times, where my handwriting actually looks quite neat, too.

And now, some pictures to represent my handwriting. ;p

Some vocabulary worksheet from last year. Typical handwriting from then, but it evolved that quickly.

Mild variation of stressed handwriting

The rarely-occurring neat[er] end of the spectrum

A form of my "lazy/tired" handwriting

Random scrawlings, mostly in my currently average handwriting

Also, when I write "nerm", I always write it so that the "n" and the "e" are connected, and the "r" has no stem, but overlaps the tail of the "e". "Nerm" has its own handwriting, I guess. For someone so great with fonts, I'm not sure if having fluctuating handwriting is a good or bad thing. Especially if it is typically on the messy side most of the time. xD
Feb 7, 2012
My writing is VERY light, and looks like a bunch of small scratches on the paper...yeah, my teachers hate me.

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