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What is Your Favorite Song

Aug 25, 2011
I could watch this dude play his homemade instrument all day... its pretty amazing one man band.


If you liked that here is a 30 minute long set with him.. from my lovely home state of WI... HELLO WI!!!!
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Feb 23, 2011
I won't post a video here, as it may cause someone's computer to lag.

Okay, now for my favorite song:

Warning: Japanese profanity... What's Up People?! ~ Maximum the Hormone

The above song isn't my usual kind of music; it is temporary and is subject to change. :yes:
Feb 1, 2011
This has recently become my favorite song, and you should listen to it.
It's pretty amazing.

And if you do like it, and you want to hear more of Jeff Buckley, then you should listen to that whole album, Grace, because the songs are really good in my opinion.

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