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What Is Your Favorite Character In Super Smash Bros?

Oct 26, 2013
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What Is Your Favorite Character In Super Smash Bros?
I can't wait for the next smash brothers game, and it seems many other people feel the same. So out of all the characters that participated in the franchise, which one did/do you use the most? Whenever I play super smash brothers I can beat most average players with Link or Toon Link, but I always seem to try other characters and lose. I wish I could play as Samus with her unique long range battle strategy, and Meta Knight, with his spinning attack. I think link is my favorite though, because I do the best with him, and he isn't limited to fight only short or long range because of his diverse moves.
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Mario is my go-to guy, just because I've been using him the most since Melee back when I had too much time on my hands and didn't do much else but play Gamecube games. The transition to Brawl didn't change a thing, so Mario is still always the one I pick first. My secondary character is probably Ike, although I don't use anyone else near as much as Mario. Ike is just a lot of fun because his attacks are so powerful, and he has a lot of cool options with that dash attack and his awesome up-B move.

After that, it's kind of slim pickings. I like Samus/Zero Suit Samus, Sonic, and Rob, but I don't play as them much at all after Mario and Ike. I'm going to try and change it up a bit with Smash 4, maybe taking on some other "mains" besides those two. No idea who they'll be though.
Jul 1, 2013
It depends on the game for me. In Melee, for example, I use Falco. I spent many years playing Melee competitively with my brothers and cousin, literally always using Falco, and he's ended up being who I'm best with across all three games, easily. He's got a pretty well-rounded moveset, and his down attack in the air is just beautiful. In the past year or so I have attempted to branch out a bit and've achieved moderate proficiency with Peach and Link as well. Funnily enough, though Falco is often considered a Fox clone, I can't stand playing as Fox. He falls way too quickly, which is a big problem for me because utility in the air is essential for my play style, and he doesn't hit hard enough for my liking, regardless of how fast he can dish punches out. I'm sure I could adapt if I practiced a bit, but it's unnecessary as I'm perfectly content with Falco.

In Brawl, I don't really have a favorite/main per se. During the early days I used Meta Knight, just because I really liked his character from the Kirby games and he was really good, but after I learned that a lot of the Smash community considers him cheap and broken I kind of shied away from him. That wasn't really a problem, though, because the number of characters I'm comfortable with using in Brawl is a lot larger than in Melee. In this game I can use Ike, Lucario, Lucas, R.O.B., Meta Knight, Link, Olimar, and Peach pretty well (not Falco because he was absolutely ruined in this game), with the ones I use the most probably being Lucas and R.O.B., just because I have the most fun with them. I'm not particularly fond of Brawl, though (in comparison to Melee, anyway), so I don't play it very seriously.

I have very limited experience with the first Super Smash Bros., so I can't say much about it, but I generally work the best with Link in that one. His wide range of attacks is really useful amidst the comparatively primitive fighting mechanics in the game, and he combos really well. (Again, I've played the original a total of maybe three times, so don't take this opinion very seriously.)

Overall, though he was absent in the first game and I didn't really like him in Brawl, Falco has to be my favorite character in the Smash Bros. series. I'll always remember fondly the 1v1's I had with my older brother growing up, with me using Falco vs him using Fox. I definitely can't wait for the upcoming titles and will be delighted if Sakurai took a step closer to Melee with this one. Here's to hoping Smash 4 comes to my local Best Buy during E3.


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Jun 15, 2010
Link and Samus are my go-to characters in all titles. However, I have many more which I'm fond of. In the games they appear, I also love to play as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Ike and Kirby. Changes to some characters in SSB4 are looking really nice, so I look forward to picking up Pit, Charizard, Lucario and Zero Suit Samus. I could never get the perfect feel of them in Brawl, and being forced to play as Zero Suit as a result of the Zero Laser was more of a bother than anything. Rosalina, Little Mac and Mega Man are newcomers I can't wait to play as, too.


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Jan 16, 2013
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A little history of me. I loved my 64. Dabbled a bit in Pokemon and PC gaming in the years afterwards, but overall fell away from gaming. Then in 2011 I returned, piqued by SS. I've since bought a slew of games. I got all three SSB games, and have played them to death (even started a club at my college that throws tournaments). I also dabbled in watching various reviewers and game experts on the internet. I learned of a franchise called Metal Gear Solid. I eventually got lucky and purchased a PS1 and a copy of the original game. I fell in love with it, and soon purchased the three sequels. I love the unique gameplay crossed with the brilliant writing and characters that draw on everything from hollywood movies to geopolitics. It may be the most intelligently crafted series in gaming. Sakurai also gave Snake a great moveset that allows me to counter most players in Brawl. This all led to me loving Snake as a character. In Nov. 2013, I had decided to give up on Nintendo (say it aint so!) and get a PS. Then I won a tournament againt several experienced players using Snake to counter a deadly Pikachu/ Fox combo in the final battle. I got up in front of everyone and went crazy. The prize money allowed me to get ALBW, and the whole thing allowed me to remember just how amazing Smash was and how much I loved Nintendo. So I decided to defect back to Nintendo and get a Wii U. I have no regrets.

So as you can see, Snake being in Smash is very important to me, and I will be heart-broken if he isn't back in Smash 4.


Nov 25, 2012
The Underground
I've only ever played Melee like once or twice. First time I played Link because I was a fanboy. Second time was me trying out the "Black Hole" Glicth.

Brawl is where I really started playing seriously. I used to think I was good with Link and Toon Link, but I discovered that I wasn't. In fact, I wasn't good at all. With any character. I never used Smash Attacks, I never dodged. All I ever used were the Special Moves. Like Link's Spin Attack, Bow, etc. Then I played against this one guy who was really good, and he commented on how much I sucked lol. I started practicing with Link. I finally started using smash attacks and dodging. It really helped lol. In fact, people say that Im a troll when it comes to dodging lol. And smash attacks definitely helped launch people more often. In short, I got a lot better.

Anyways, I don't remember how this happened, but I ended up playing as Lucario for my main. I love his Final Smash so much, but it's pretty easy to get away from. And I like his passive ability too. The higher his damage percentage gets, the stronger he gets as well. I was pretty good with him.

Then came the shining angel that is Lucas. I felt I was missing something with Lucario. That was good projectiles. And let me tell you. Lucas' PK Thunder is the best thing ever. A projectile you can control? Yesssssss. I prefer Lucas because his PK Thunder doesn't stop once it hits someone. It goes through them so you can circle back around for another attack. Plus the tail does damage too. Oh and Lucas has a tether grab. Meaning he has a little rope, vine, etc. for recovery. In his case, it's a Rope Snake from Earthbound. Lucas also hits harder though some of his attacks are slow. But I can work around that. Lucas is definitely my main go-to guy.

Other than him, I also play as Lucario, Pokemon Trainer (specifically Ivysaur,) and Pikachu.

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