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What is Your Favorite 2d Zelda


Phantom of Time
Oct 2, 2011
I'd have to say mine is the Oracle series, with Link's Awakening being a close second.

The characters, story and just overall game play is very engaging and enjoyable.
Aug 9, 2011
I don't know if I'd say A Link to the Past or Zelda 2. The former pretty much perfected the Zelda formula while the latter took the series in a new and unique direction that I happened to enjoy quite a bit.
May 9, 2011
Grumble Grumble...
Mine's a tie between ALttP and LA. I think that ALttP had some of the best dungeon design in the series and also made the greatest advancements, while I loved the story and tone in LA. They're both amazing (just like the rest of the series) but if I had to pick one, I might go with LA.


Eating Link since 1987
Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
My favourite 2D Zelda is definitely ALttP, mainly because I like its difficulty and dungeons to say the least. I also like the original LoZ for its non-linear gameplay.
Jul 22, 2011
It's a definite tie between A Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons, and The Minish Cap. The others are great, but those are the best, in my opinion.


Graphic Designer
Feb 22, 2011
I'd have to say Link's Awakening. While A Link to the Past was a great game with a great story and unique characters, Link's Awakening took the series in a new direction, adding alot more references to Mario, breaking the fourth wall countless times, while still keeping the vibe you get when playing a Zelda game. I like how in depth the side-quests were too, with the trading sequence and then, on the remake, the photo side-quest. All in all, Link's Awakening was just a great game that I really enjoyed.
Jan 9, 2011
A link to the past is my favourite, followed by Adventure of Link even though I haven't beat it (because of a game ending glitch D:)

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