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What is the Saddest Movie Moment You Can Think Of?

Jun 16, 2012
Okay, well, I don't watch a lot of movies, but one part in the Hau Mulan movie, when Tiger gets killed and and Turtle starts screaming and he ends up getting killed too, and the Mulan's army starts singing. I know, I know. It's not that sad.. but I cry easy and I haven't seen any sad movies in a while and Tiger was one of my favorite characters. :( Was that a run on sentence? It probably was.

hua.mulan (part 6-8) eng.sub - YouTube It's around the 2:20 mark.. in case you want to watch it..I must say that the Disney one is less soul-aching to watch....


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Jul 26, 2010
I am going to have to explain the movie for this to make sense, although Ip Man is a great movie so if you want to see it DO NOT read further. So Ip Man takes place before and during the Japanese occupation of China. Before the occupation a young man named Yuan loses his kite. When Yuan tells everybody about how Master Ip beat Master Liu in what was supposed to be a private match, Lin, Yuan's older brother, pulls his pants down in front everyone and Yuan runs off. During the occupation Lin and Master Ip are working at a coal mine and Lin asks Ip to be on the look out for a small tin case. The Japanese drive in and ask the Chinese if any of them would like to fight against Japanese martial artists for food and Lin agrees to go. Lin fights the Japanese general with two others and even if they lose they will receive food, but Lin keeps attacking and is beaten to death. After hearing of Lin's death Ip finds the tin case. Yuan returns to town with a bunch of bandits. After beating the bandits Ip gives the tin case to Yuan and when he opens it he sees his kite.


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Jul 12, 2012
In the Pursuit of Happyness, when Will Smith's character and his son are in the bathroom (that's where they're sleeping for the night since they are homeless) and he is holding his foot against the door so nobody will come in while his son sleeps in his arms. Ugh, it gets me every time I watch it.

Another sad moment, when Frodo gets on the ferry at the end of return of the king. Him saying goodbye to his friends and life on middle earth is just so bittersweet.


Sep 19, 2011
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pokemon first movie... wen ash turns to stone den all of deh pokemon cry and bring him back to life wiv their tears :'(
Apr 16, 2010
The saddest moment I've encountered in a film is when Mufasa dies in The Lion King. =( It's just so sad. As I'm sure you can tell, I love that movie, and I've watched it near fifty times. I feel such a strong connection to Simba, which makes this part even more tragic. :kawaii:
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Jul 11, 2012
Man I need to watch more movies the saddest moment in a movie for me is also pokemon the movie yes the first one. I cried every time I watched it when I was little


May 10, 2012
we just watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and without any spoilers, there is a really sad part regarding domestic violence and a cheating husband. he cheats, but she gets beat? yuck!
May 5, 2012
In the land of no return :D
I cried on that to :( I saw that movie in theaters when it came out. It was the first movie I cried on. (I was 10 I think)

This was a reply to Dan's message about the first pokemon movie.
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I'd have to say the part in The Hunger Games where Rue is killed. I cried at that part in the book and movie. She told Katniss about the mockingjays in the arena and helped her blow up the Careers food pile, and what does she get? A spear through her gut. I saw the movie with my friend and when I cried she goes "are you ok?" as though I was crying over finding out the worlds supply of bouncy balls had just imploded. I knew I would cry the second my chin started getting sore, which happens whenever I cry during a sad part in a movie.

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