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What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?


Mat Cauthon

Just finished the Earth Temple from Wind Waker. It's been a couple of years since I've played WW so I really enjoyed the layout and the puzzles in this dungeon as I couldn't really remember what it was like, plus it's always fun to hang out with Medli :D The things I didn't like are the bloody blue bubbles, the constant use of the Wind Waker to take control of everyone's favourite Rito and the laughably easy boss :p
Jan 30, 2013
Just completed lanayru mining facility on my 100% run through
I have always enjoyed the sand desert themed dungeons, I think they make for good puzzles this one was fun with the time shift stones

Ganon Of Hyrule

The last place i beat

I just completed forest haven from wind waker


Staff member
Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
I finally brought myself to finish SS for a third time so that would make my last completed Dungeon/Temple Sky Keep.
Forsaken fortress part 2, although it was more like a mad take no prisoners siege than a puzzle solving affair; get off the boat, take out phantom ganon, assault some moblins with your boomerang and sword, make your way tot he top of the tower and smash a giant bird in the face with a hammer and leave. fun times, listen to anything by Two Steps From Hell just to make things even more epic.


Are you serious?!?
Feb 6, 2013
In a bottle
Doing a 100% on OoT and just finished up the Spirit Temple.

I was trying to do it without dying but I forgot to go pick up my biggoron sword before walking into Dark Link's room without any fairies and...whoops.

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