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What is the Meaning Behind Your Username?

Link Floyd

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Sep 23, 2014
Our username's may be an obvious Zelda reference, a nickname we've been given, or maybe it's something that only has meaning to you.

What's the meaning of your username? How did you come up with it and why did you decide to call yourself by that name here on ZD?

Azure Sage

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I've seen like four threads like this throughout my time on this site lol

My username is a juxtaposition of my favorite color and something Zelda-ish. I had been using the word "Azure" in all of my usernames even before I joined this site, but for this one I wanted something Zelda related. So I used "Sage". Like the seven sages. Since I've joined, I've started using Azure Sage as my username for every account I have.


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
Stupid nickname a boyfriend I had a long time ago gave me. I want to add I don't take it that seriously, like I don't think i'm super beautiful or anything like that. I just used it because it's short and sweet.
Feb 23, 2011
This is like the fifth thread I've seen on this topic since I joined this site.

My username derives from a lot of things. Firstly, part of my middle name means wolf. Additionally, for years I've actually been told I look like a wolf. Personality-wise, I've always been a bit of a lone wolf. Coincidentally, the wolf is my favorite animal.

The Sage part derives from the fact that I've always been told I'm 'wise beyond my years'. Fun fact: Part of my dad's original Sri Lankan surname sounds like 'Sage' (Saj-), which I didn't really think about until after the fact. (lol)

The fact that my username seems 'Zelda-like' is totally unintended. I guess it just works out that way.


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Nov 12, 2007
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Well, I was never originally called Mercedes at ZD; can't remember my username but it was something Princess-like and girly (I was 12 or so at the time) but over on LoZ.com my name was really big since me and my brother made the account together and sorta merged our ideas together, and Chance asked if I could pick a new one or shorten it because it stretched out the shoutbox. And so that night I was watching Hollyoaks and there was a character there called Mercedes who I quite liked. And boom, I changed it to that. Then when the new ZD forum came back in 2007, I made my username Mercedes!

And I chose the name, well, because I liked the character! Still do. Shame she ded.


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My username used to be Komali for the simple fact that Prince Komali was my favourite out of all the Zelda characters back then. In 2011 I changed it to Pendio because I wanted something a bit more unique. Pendio is the Italian word for slope, but I thought it sounded pretty cool nevertheless. ^^


Jul 1, 2012
And I chose the name, well, because I liked the character! Still do. Shame she ded.
Wow she died? Shows how long it is since I've watched Hollyoaks.


Eh I dunno about my name, I used it when I was like 15 and thought it sounded cool. Only reason I've kept it is because I like consistency.

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