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What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

Mar 20, 2023
Gender-fluid (she/he pronouns)
I've been watching videos about REAL millions-of-years-old celestial beings of light and love (angels) saving mortals' lives or watching over the mortals:

This is just a few examples...

See more videos of testimonies and REAL angels caught on camera here towards the end of my playlist:


I, Kat, have had encounters with like at least a dozen celestial beings of light and love (angels), they are millions of years old and predate creation, they have more wisdom than us of course. And I've had those experiences, those encounters ever since I was 9 years old. I'm now 41, it's been 31 years now. Some of those angels I was wide awake when I saw them, others appeared to me in my "dreams". They teach me important life lessons about universal love, universal energy, oneness (how we all are one with our Creator and with one another and with the universe and green life and celestial bodies and all is one, which is why people should always think about how their actions will impact or affect everyone and everything else positively or negatively, for better or for worse), the multiverse and its millions of parallel universes/alternate realities/other dimensions, mindfulness, meditation, etc. I'm so thankful for those angels who are part of my life and all the things I've learned from them.

Praise Jesus for sending His angels to protect us and watch over us...

One of many LGBT and pro-choice Canadian Center-Left Christians.
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