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What instrument do you play?


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
I've taken up playing the flute a few months ago and it is going well! I love the sound it makes, might have to learn some Zelda songs to play. ^-^


Professional Dork
Oct 22, 2010
I can play guitar! And a little piano, just the beginning of 2 songs, though... on piano, I can play more than that on guitar, about 10-15... :D
Jan 1, 2011
I don't play a instrument, I'm more of an athlete than a musical person. But I'm trying to get my sister to teach me to play the flute. So far, failure.


I play the piano and guitar. really still at beginner in both though. I'm trying to learn to play Ballad of the Wind fish on guitar after seeing that dulcimer video on it. I'm trying to add chords or something to it to give it a more fuller sound.


Oct 4, 2010
I think I replied to this thread already, but I can't go back to edit it, so I will write and add extra stuff to it.

I started learning music in second grade. It was a school activity, so I didn't really miss anything. After a year later, we got to choose instruments. Everyone wanted to pick guitar, but the music school was already filled up on guitar teachings. Therefore, since I wanted to play guitar as well, chose to play the violin as another stringed instrument. I was doing awesome, except, I was a little lazy to practice... I loved it when I performed my pieces as a piano duet. It sounded beautiful, and I was leading the piano, so I developed some leadership. I stopped learning the violin after fourth grade, because I moved to America. In 6th grade, I heard about the beginner band for middle school. It was a prep for the middle school band, so I joined. My best friend encouraged me to play the clarinet, and luckily, I got one for free from one of my parent's friends. I loved the band and I was chosen for the Advanced Band in 7th grade. The Advanced Band was for 8th graders, so it was an honor. There were a few other kids of my age who were chosen as well. I also picked up the violin again, after hearing about Free Music School, in CA, and my parents suprised me with a violin of my own.

Now, in 8th grade, I had to move to Florida. A few months before I left, I was told that I made it to the school's Jazz Band/Stage Band, the highest band in the school where my band leader picks certain people to be in. That meant that I had to learn to play the saxophone, for Jazz tunes. I played it for a couple of months, and got the hang of it. I wish to get a saxophone of my own. I also decided to sit out this year, even though my new school has a band class. I practice by myself, and I take proper care of my instruments.
Wow, I just realized the lenght of this post. I think it includes my whole entire music career so far...

Master Sword13

Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
I don't play a instrument, I'm more of an athlete than a musical person. But I'm trying to get my sister to teach me to play the flute. So far, failure.

Super encouragement, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU JUST BELIEVE! You can try to say whatever you want, it's just going to end up like that. I play Saxophone, Alto. It's the only form of the saxophone I can play, and saxophone is just awesome. I've been able to get it to sound like Deku Pipes, too.


I'm not sure if it counts as "being able to play an instrument", but I can play most of the Zelda songs on my Ocarina :). It's so much fun!



Raging Homosapien
Feb 7, 2010
Bottomless Pit
Back when I was in band, which was elementary school, I used to play the violin. Of course now I don't even remember the proper way to hold a violin, but I enjoyed playing it at the time. Btw, awesome ocarina Connor :] I'm positive that counts as an instrument!


I play guitar and keyboard, way better at guitar than keyboard :)
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