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What if You Never Came Across Video Games?


Guardian of Courage
Oct 28, 2011
I'm gonna go ahead and make the obvious assumption that everyone here in this forum is a gamer.

That said, what do you guys think would have happened if you guys never encountered video games in your life? Either that, or you played it once and decided you hated it and never wanted to touch another one again.

Do you think your life would have been drastically different? Would your character and thoughts be on a different scale?

For me, I started playing video games when I was around kindergarten and Grade 1. That's quite young as I started out with a SNES. If I had never taken interest in it, i do believe I would be a way different guy than I am today. First and foremost, my grades would have been solid. All that time I've spent on video games could have been contributed to school, education, or something else like sports. Unfortunately, I do believe my parents when they make the excuse that video games bring down your grades.

On the counter-argument, the friends I would've made wouldn't be the same ones I have today. Some of my friends and I got to know each other a little better by relating/playing with each other on video games.

Lastly, I wouldn't be here posting this.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
Wow. My life would be extremely different if I hadn't started to play video games. I started playing them when I was around 4 or 5 years old, which was the same year I started to play T-Ball. If it wasn't for video games, I would be probably be playing baseball or football. But chances are that I would have still had the same friends that I do now, because most of my friends at school are football players.
Dec 19, 2011
Hahahaha, thats funny, that would never happen. xD However, I think I'd die of boredom, because that's all I do with my free time. Also, people would probably know what I'm talking about, sense most of the time they don't. >.> I also think my mind wouldn't be as open as it is now, and I probably would be a lot different then I am now.
Jan 29, 2012
United Kingdom
I'd probably be quite normal, oh and I'd pass all my exams, that's a definite. Without video games I would be a straight A student... Nawwh stupid video games.

I Like Zelda

Extremely Serious
Feb 16, 2012
In the borderlands...
If I never got into video games I would of probaly spent more time being productive, however
without them I would be that quiet guy in the classroom no one takes intrest into.


Worship the Strangeness
Aug 30, 2011
I would have better eyesight, spend more time on books, and be missing out ON A LOT of fun!!
Apr 6, 2012
I don't think my life would be that different. None of my friends are gamers and it never really influenced my grades in school.
I just would have more free time and more money :thinking: :nod:


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
i probably would have done better at school/college/university. i still did pretty well so wouldn't change anything


The 8150th Link
Jul 26, 2010
Well first of all I don't think it would be possible for me to never come across video games, but if I hadn't my life would be drastically different, especially considering how I started playing them when I could barely talk. Video games for me really go too far back for me to even imagine how my life would be without them, I wouldn't be typing in this forum, I wouldn't be writing guides or lists about video games, I wouldn't be able to relate certain games to some of the things I learn in school, my vocabulary wouldn't be as broad, and I probably wouldn't be friends with half of the people I'm friends with.

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