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What if the Graphical Style Changed in Game?

Jul 18, 2010
Liverpool, UK
Ive often heard a lot of people complain about skyward swords graphics claiming that there "too childish" or beliving there a step in the wrong direction beliving firmly in the more realistic twilight princess aproach. i disagree and realy like the graphics in Skyward sword that being said heres an idea that could please people who dislike the graphical style.

What if the game begins with the colourful cell shaded graphics in skyloft but when look drops to the world below and finds it in control of evil forces or whatever, the graphical style chages subtly to one more reminisant of Twilight princess highlighting the darkness the evil has brought to hyrule. however once link completes a dungeon in a region it would become colourful and cell shaded again giving the player a sense of acomplishment and making both styles more effective.

Other ideas i thought about were if graphical style chaged as link moved into different regions but lots of different styles would need to be used to add variety. also if style changed from day to night being cell shaded in day and dark and gritty at night making the player feel more intidated by night. also the idea of graphical style becoming darker as the players health depleted giving the player a sense of doom if they were about to die and relif when they recover.

what do you think? got any other ideas about graphical style? this probably wont be implemented in skyward sword but, hey, a guy can dream cant he? :D


Fluffy hair!
Jun 15, 2010
Something like this already happened in The Wind Waker; however, instead of a slight graphical style change, it was a color change from the bright, vibrant tones to a monochromatic and depressing black-&-white. I'm talking about when you first sink beneath the Great Sea and find the ruins of Hyrule Castle. There is no color in the place and everything is frozen in time. After you draw the Master Sword, the seal on Ganon's power is broken and everything gets drenched in color again.

It's a nice effect, but I don't see a graphical style change, no matter how subtle, happening. Switching the style is different than simply switching the colors -- the character models will be completely different, the textures that work for one style won't work for the other, stuff like that. Take, for example, how different Link already looks when you compare Skyward Sword Link and Twilight Princess Link. It's been said that SS Link is like a combination of TP Link and cel-shaded (Like TWW) Link, but even so, you can tell that the style of SS is blatantly unlike either.

If, however, they simply made the atmosphere darker without changing the graphical style, that would be amazing! :D And the idea about having a dungeon dark and depressing in the beginning and then having it happy and all once you clear it sounds great.

Caleb, Of Asui

It's an interesting idea, but I have to agree that a large style change would kind of fail to make sense. If it's subtle (but not too subtle, obviously) it could have an interesting effect, but one would expect characters to appear pretty much the same between art styles for the sake of identification - meaning now it's not much more than simply changing the tone of colors to change the mood. :/ Plus, for Skyward Sword, I believe Miyamoto has said that the art style was chosen (partly) because it makes sense with the Wii MotionPlus, what with visual cues to where you should attack and whatnot. The gameplay might become pointlessly difficult at times should we switch between art styles in-game.
Nov 7, 2010
maybe the world can feel different, but a complete change of the art style doesnt seems right, and as some people has already said, its point less, also, I think it would take a lot of space in the game

anyway, sounds cool, but I would not be sure if it should be made in the actual game
Oct 21, 2010
what are you guys talking about? this would be awesome! Its not pointless! It will help you get more imersed in the game if the graphical style changed depending on where you are at the game. BUT I wouldn't enjoy it if it was at night different, and different places had different styles, but more like when your in skyloft being a happy peaceful land, has the happy graphics, and have hyrule, being ruled by dark forces, have a darker graphical style! NOT pointless. but have it be more immerse to give you different feels to the game. It would be cool and creative! :^)
Nov 7, 2010
ok ok, when you say, "change the graphical style" you mean some change like SS and TP or Light world TP and Twilight world TP?, or maybe Light and Dark worlds from Alttp?, the first would be pretty werid :/, but the other two are ok to me, and would make it interesting


Nov 12, 2010
I don't care about what they do. As long as they give Link some dang knees! When I look at the trailers, it looks like he has no knees, and it annows me! And what makes it worse is that he has fat legs and they spill over the boots! It's like "ewwww."
Dec 24, 2010
I think this is pointless, and people complaining about SS's style should just stop and wait for the next game.
It's pointless to complain, nothing will change, the style is not going to change.
That's it.


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. The intent behind it is bad, but the idea itself is pretty good. Then again it could also be done in a different way to emphasize the graphical change. This idea could be done but only if the developers were willing to put out a lot of cash.

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