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MM-N64 What if Majora's Mask used Different Character Models?

Link Floyd

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Sep 22, 2014
When I first played through Majora's Mask two years ago, I had no idea that they reused the same character models from OoT. This came as a shock to me at first, knowing very little about the history of the game. After awhile, I understood why they did it, even though it took me a bit to get used to it.

But what if Nintendo had more time to work on this game? Do you think Termina's citizens would've looked completely different? Or do you believe that even with more time, they still would have used the same character models, since, after all, Termina is a parallel world to Hyrule?

Also, do you think the game would be better or worse if they used completely different character models?


May 18, 2013
This question is hard to answer, because if they used all or mostly new models than yes the game would take longer to complete, and remember MM was released in the end of 2000, if they took longer to release, wouldn't it release in 2001? The same year the GCN was released, very few Nintendo first party titles were released for it, some like Eternal Darkness and StarFox Adventures were moved to the GCN, so I dunno.


Apr 22, 2011
I think it was a good thing that they slacked a bit and re-used many characters. Not only because of the funny theorizing you can (could at least) do about why this happened, but also because the connection between MM and OoT was felt much stronger. Sure to this day it is sort of on the brink of being simply a prototype-DLC OoT never could have bc of technology, whatever you want to call it. But I think that some of the magic the game has would be lost if everything except Link was new.


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Dec 17, 2011
I think... It would've turned out differently, but I can't say how much. Part of reusing the models was, aside from being time-saving, to establish personalities in OoT's characters through recycling. There was an interview a long time ago that talked about how they were unable to expand on OoT's characters' personalities in-game, but the sequel let us learn about them through their parallels.

Without that, I'm sure it'd be quite different.
For me, having played OoT first (and none-stop until MM released), seeing the characters models return as characters who didn't know you and you didnt know them but somehow you did, just added so much to the game. (It also works if you play MM first and then OoT, seeing all those characters again feels... weird)

It was so surreal and it made the game drip with some unknowable magic and mystery. I remember having a mini heart attack when i saw the two hags in the potion shop, i was slamming B for my sword and was positive they were going to attack me. I didn't trust them at all.
Had MM used different character models i dont think MM would have had the same impact at all.

but then if thye'd had more tie to work on MM i think it'd be a very different game. I'm glad MM came out the way it did, i definitely think it'd lose something if the characters were new

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