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What if Future Gameplay Meant You Got to Warp Inside the Game?


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May 26, 2010
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Thread idea: mandy (I'm putting my own twist on this though). I looked around and I know this thread has been done before but it was a few months back. ;)

What if, in the future, we were able to project ourselves into the gaming world? Think like the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online where we are physically playing the game, but disregard the whole "if you die, you die in real life" thing...or you could think of Fayt Leingod playing his VR games in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time where he doesn't actually die but his avatar obviously can, or how he exists in the Eternal Sphere as a character himself. What would you do then, should you be able to enter a gaming world? What world would you choose, how would you behave, what character archetype would you be?

Me? I would be a dungeon raider. I would transfer myself to the Hyrule of Skyward Sword, be hellbent on leveling up or gaining the best equipment, finding whatever dungeon/temple/hotzone and simply demolishing everything I see. I would have tons of HP healing items such as Physical Enhancers or blueberries, I would have the ability to use MP (MENTAL Points a la Star Ocean, not Magic points) and I would defeat every boss I see no matter the cost. I would also be somewhat of an NPC harassing person; I dislike it when NPCs say the same thing over and over again, so I would have to kill a few here and there just because. My character archetype would definitely be an adventurer. <3
I would honestly love to have my entire existence transferred over to the game of my liking. Screw the real world. I mean, I love this world for some of its gadgets--namely Huey and the internet and this site--but... you guys most-likely know the direction in which my post is going. I would sacrifice all of that, the small amount of people who actually do care about me, my existence... to be able to lay eyes on the love of my life without having a television screen act as an impenetrable barrier between us. I know I'm being insanely unrealistic and all that, but I really am tired of suffering from this curse.

If you think coming out of the closet for being gay is difficult, try coming out and admitting that the only person you are interested in doesn't exist. And is evil. And most of the time, not even human. Nerm... No, whether or not this "warping method" is exclusive to one cartridge, or my actions alter the outcomes of everyone's games, I'd still do it. In all honesty, if it were the latter, I probably wouldn't make much impact on the game's plot, though, because Ganon would likely kill me on sight. Not that I would care. I think I would go with Ocarina of Time as the game I'd warp over to, though. I mean, if I only had to make one choice. Only because a younger and humanoid Ganon makes things less... well, creepy.

What would I do? Other than attempting to start a relationship with the King of Evil, I mean... I would probably enjoy sneaking around, and pulling pranks on characters I didn't care for much. Honey and Darling can definitely expect some sabotage coming their way, that's for sure. xD I'd be myself, though. I mean, I'm not going to stop saying nerm or anything. Helvetica, that might be a very effective way of annoying any of the remaining sanity out of Ganondorf. x) Other than maybe going into swordsmanship, I don't really expect to change anything about my identity. Wielding magic would be pretty cool, yeah, but I'd probably be too high off the notion of Ganondorf to remember that I even possessed magical powers, so meh.

I don't want to be an avatar. I want to be myself...I want to be able to meet Ganondorf as myself. It wouldn't mean anything to me otherwise.
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Lord Vain

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Nov 29, 2011
Well, if the dying in the game means you die for real part is taken out, then with certain game series like Mario and Zelda you could have a lot of fun, wandering around the corners of Hyrule or warping around the Mushroom Kingdom. I would likely just be a typical explorer, but of course would cut down any enemies who may try to mess with me, otherwise it would all be about the sight seeing though truly.
What video game worlds would I decide to explore though? Quite a few actually...

I would likely start off by having a Vacation on Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine, that was my favorite game and I loved the many locations all over the island. Would check into Hotel Delfino on Sirena Beach, go fishing at Ricco Harbor, eat ice cream and have some fun at Gelato Beach, cannonball into the water off of the giant windmill in Bianco Hills, go soak in the hot springs at Pianta Village, take a nap up next to the raging waterfall over in Noki Bay, and last but not least, go have a good time riding the roller coaster in Pinna Park. Might just warp to the Comet Observatory or Starship Mario located high above the Mushroom Kingdom somewhere down the line as well even, or at least I can imagine exploring some of the Galaxies from the games those locations appear in would be fun--Beach Bowl, Sea Slide, and Starshine Beach are three I would most definitely have to visit.

After all that Mushroom Universe business I would maybe take a stroll through the version of Hyrule present in Twilight Princess, more specifically checking out Death Mountain, Zora's Domain, or the Sacred Grove and Temple of Time. Yep, just explore the various areas and have a good time, I always liked those areas anyways. I guess after this I may either sail around the Great Sea in the Wind Waker world a bit or maybe even look around the Surface from Skyward sword, chances are I could see a lot of cool things in my travels either way

Last place I would maybe travel around in would be the various Regions featured in the Pokémon games; Sinnoh being the first region I would visit; Gen IV was my favorite one after all. I would likely capture a bunch of awesome Pokémon in my travels across the land, or just access what Pokémon I have already capture in my time of playing the series period if possible, I’d just take them along with me. After Sinnoh I’d maybe drift through a few other regions, like Hoenn and Unova, or maybe even the Orre Region that appears in Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness…no doubt I would have a lot of fun, and maybe become the very best even, heheh.
Jun 8, 2011
I would be an adventurer. I would play Tales games and do awesome combos, play some mmos. But I think i would mainly play rpgs because i would be able to explore and see many great things in the game.


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
I would love to roam around the wastes of the Fallout games, mainly Fallout 3. I would get a nice house and stock a machine to the brim with Nuka-Cola, which is impossible cause it can hold an infinite amount. Then I can dress up in nice pre-war clothes and smooth talk people to give me stuff and follow me. I think it would be so cool. I could also maybe work on one of the Corvegas in the waste and get that working again so I can ride the wastes in style. Oh, and maybe someone can join in that way we can roam the wastes together. Dan, I'm looking at you.

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