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What If Another Company Invited the Zelda Franchise?

Jul 7, 2012
Im sure People ponder this Question. and the Question is What if another gameing company ( Such as Sony, Sega, Atari And Microsoft ) were the one who created the Zelda Franchise? Would the series be the same as today? , Better or Worse?. Personally i think the series would not be the same. Nitendo knows how to work their magic to keep each game new and fresh. but what do you think? how would the World of Zelda be Different?
There would be some obvious differences resulting from a change in development team. If Sony developed the Zelda franchise for instance, the series certainly would have taken a route steering closer to more realistic graphics and online play and less towards innovative motion controls. Also Nintendo would lose a significant IP among its lineups. While Mario is a brand name appealing to a broad spectrum of gamers, Zelda is what draws the truly hardcore in. Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time were the first games I ever played. Mario was fast-paced frantic fun but Zelda offered all that plus an additional layer of thought. Without a dungeon based Action-Adventure series Nintendo would not genuinely cover all bases with its first party lineup.

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