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What Happened to the Magic Meter?


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Aug 3, 2010
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Something that The Legend of Zelda has always had is a magic meter. You always have had a meter to use magic with. But the past couple Zelda games haven't had the magic meter! Why not? Why did they take that out? Skyward Sword doesn't have a magic meter either, and my question is why? The games still are great fun without a magic meter, but they also are great fun with the meter.

Why do you think they erased the magic meter from Zelda games? And do you think it makes a difference?
With recent iterations, especially Skyward Sword, Nintendo has been leaning towards a more physical/mechanical emphasis in Zelda and the magic meter does not fit with that approach. That being said, the magic meter added more immersion to Zelda games and I would love to see it return. din's Fire FTW!

harda toenail

I like the shield meter. I liked the magic meter. I wouldn't like if they coexisted. I'm not sure which I would like better. Oot utilized the magic meter but I didn't think wind waker did so much. I'm ok with nintendo switching back and forth. As long as there isn't too many things depleting that would cause more stress and take away from the experience.
Oct 18, 2008
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I never really saw the need for the magic meter. I hardly used the magic spells in Ocarina of Time or any of the other Zelda games(other then Zelda 2)that had the magic meter.

Unless they make the spells a more important part of the gameplay(like Zelda 2)they shouldn't bring the magic meter back.
Jul 22, 2011
I can definitely say I'm on board for bringing the magic meter back. I miss the magic arrows and spells like Din's Fire/Farore's Wind/Nayru's Love and the medallions of ALttP.


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May 26, 2010
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As ALIT said, recent Zelda games have been more physical/mechanical than they are magical, so the magic meter wouldn't exactly fit. However, in my honest opinion I think that at the very least Skyward Sword should've had a Magic Meter alongside the shield meter, but obviously that didn't happen. It makes a huge difference to me, both in the forms of puzzles that we have to figure out as well as in the overall gameplay. Personally, I'd love to have multiple meters (such as, life shield magic combo alongside rupees), it adds much more depth, challenge and enjoyment on my part but of course, not everyone dislikes easy games [which is what the mechanical Zeldas have been - easy]. I've been dying for Nintendo to bring the meter back ever since I saw the Wii boxart for Twilight Princess.
Dec 19, 2011
montebello ,CA
I don't love that that took out the magic effect from the games but the meter kinda made me mad i feel if a character has magical powers they shouldn't have a limit on how much they can mage. I would love to see a zelda game where link has magic powers but he could use them unlimited-ly.

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