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Spoiler What Happend to Navi? (may Want to Have Beaten Oot, Begun Majoras Mask)



Now, at the ending of Ocarina of time, when we are returning the Master Sword to the Temple of Time, it's original resting place, we see Navi fly away.
I think we can agree that we all have no idea how Link, our young adventurer, get's to these woods, which may or may not be the lost woods.

In this forum topic I'll be discussing What happend to Navi after Link saves Termina, and where these woods are.

We see Navi fly out one of the windows to the Temple of time, which is most likely behind the Temple of time. If we look around the outside of the ToT, we see a strange forest area. Look fimilar?tot.jpg

Doesn't it almost look like the opening scene to Majoras mask? So I'm assuming, Link saw which way Navi left the temple, and so, he went behind, and got Epona.
But, there is something that may not be possable about this, in the custscene with Princess Zelda in Mm, we see link like the outside of Hryule castle. So yeah.

Now, what happened to Navi? Did link forget the whole reason he went into the Woods? To find Navi! Now here is another theory, of where he is in the begenning, the lost woods, from Kokiri Forest. I think this, because there are Skull Kids. So, that would be it, go ahead and reply to this topic, and tell me your opinions on my Theory. Bye! :)


Oct 10, 2011
Link most definitely did not forget, because at the end of MM he continues on to find his friend. I'm sure axle could go on about this for hours, and i'd enjoy it. but MM is all about friendship, wheres navi??? gotta find navi!! (we assume) but it quickly turns to link making new friends, every member of clock town becomes someone that needs saving, and the skull kid becomes in the end a wonderful friend that thanks link for helping him. just saying, link didn't forget, but Nintendo took the opportunity of the odd world of Termina to explore friendship in many different forms.


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Feb 8, 2011
Since Link was a Hylian, not a Kokiri, Navi probably had no more reason to stick with him. She likely left him because she'd fulfilled the Great Deku Tree's bidding--guide Link on his quest and protect him to her utmost (which, ironically, was only through her information).


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Nov 15, 2011
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Navi most likely left link because her job to guide him was complete. She may not have even gone into the forest when she left.I also remember reading in nintendo power that the japenese version of four swords had a mode called navi trackers, does anyone have more info on that?
Dec 17, 2011
She forced Link to endure the events of Majora's Mask. While Link saved countless lives, Navi still put Link in the position where he had to run into the Skull Kid. We can only hope that Zant's forces killed her.


I think she went back to the lost woods and have a peaceful life with other fairies but link may not know where she really goes. Perhaps that is the reason Link lost and found the Skull Kid in Majora's Mask


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Aug 3, 2010
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The real question is:
Why would Link ever want to look for her? I honestly never understood how Navi was even a little bit meaningful to Link. Maybe if Link spoke we would understand this more... ;)


I think that Navi might have left the temple of time and had gone to one of the great fairy fountains, the window in which she left was in the direction of the great fairy on top of Death Mountain

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