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What games do you want to see on the Switch?

Oct 14, 2013
Can be anything. Existing IPs something you made up two seconds ago. Can be a remake. Anything.

Here is my list. And feel free to share your own list too.

Endless Ocean 3
WarioWare Rumble HD
Super Mario Galaxy 3
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (a new game)
Animal Crossing
Xenoblade Chronicles X (remake)
Eternal Darkness
Wizards and Warriors 4
Double Dragon (new game)
Mario Power Tennis (but it has to be a good game)
Switch Sports Resort
Oooohhhh freedom.

F-Zero (new game)
Metroid (reboot RE4 style gameplay)
Eternal Darkness (remake or sequel)
Golden Sun (FF7 remake grade)
Kirby (but not another roller)
Bayonetta 3
Project Zero/Fatal Frame 6
Zelda skinned Soul Calibur
Luigi's Mansion 3
Tales of Xillia/Berseria (definitive editions)
Pokemon Snap 2
Nintendo VS Capcom
Nov 28, 2011
There's a lot I'd like to see, but the only thing I can think of that hasn't been said by anyone yet that really NEEDS to happen is a new gosh dang Punch Out game. I don't know why this franchise isn't being milked harder, Punch Out on the Wii is one of the most solid overall games Nintendo has ever put out and that's saying something.

Beyond that, yeah I'd parrot new F-Zero, any proper Metroid sequel (Prime would be cool, 2D would be rad, better version of Other M's gameplay would be cool), Bayo 3 (and maybe Wonderful 10...2, though that seems unlikely), and a big ol' 3D Pokemon game that actually lets you catch all the Pokemon without having to deal with that stupid TRADING NONSENSE would be good. I would say a new Smash, but if they're going to do that I really don't want Sakurai to be in charge of it. If they're going to keep the same team and philosophy then I'd rather they just port Sm4sh and give us another wave of new characters. Also hoping for more 3rd party stuff. A KH3 port would be cool but is very unlikely. More indie games showing up, that'd be good. Maybe a Star Fox game that doesn't suck and has an original story that isn't just another trite rehash of 64? Nah, probably impossible. Also I feel like a really visually intense Ping Pong sim would work great with them joycons. I'd say another Paper Mario game but they keep making bad ones so maybe it'd be better that they just stop altogether.

Nintendo VS Capcom

Also yeah, this, why are we not all pushing this more? I can hear it now.
*woosh* *Mario coin noise* *CAPCOM PRESENTS* *Nin-tendo!*
Gonna take you for a ride in-goddamn-deed. I mean we got Ryu and Mega Man in Sm4sh, anything is possible. They could even do a X Tekken thing and have canon team-ups. I have a feeling Arthur from Ghosts n Goblins would get along well with Luigi. You could have some representation of the protagonist from Dragon's Dogma have an in-game rivalry with Bowser, or Ridley. Story mode opens in a boxing arena and it's the match of the century, LITTLE MAC vs DUDLEY. "Hey Mac, watch out for Dudley's Corkscrew Blow, it'll open you up like a bottle of wine, baby, ha ha!" "You know what I say Mac, if you're throwing me a flower, it had better be a chocolate bar, heph heph heph."

These ideas are free Nintendo just do it.


Fuzzy Pickles
Mar 27, 2015
United States
Are we talking about Nintendo-owned? Because those games will come out regardless. It's only a matter of time before we see a Kirby and a Metroid game (I truly believe we'll get a Metroid game within the next two years).

However, I'm extremely concerned that we aren't seeing releases of the following games:

• Mass Effect Andromeda
• Prey
• Injustice 2
• Resident Evil 7
• For Honor
• Torment: Tides of Numeria

Those are just Jan and Feb releases that should be getting a Switch release as well. I get that Zelda is going to be the only thing Nintendo fans are going to be playing in March, but hell, tell me people wouldn't get Mass Effect or RE7 as well? Andomeda is a huge huge huge game to not have on the system. I mean, whatever.
Feb 27, 2017
Animal Crossing, definitely!!!
Pokemon, maybe another stadium title? I'm personally super into an HD Sun/Moon (theres rumors about Pokemon Stars and I would Love that)
Yoshi's wooly world just came out, but I'd be super happy for an HD version on the switch?
Maybe another albw type Zelda? I really love that style of game.

Super Mario Galaxy 3
Super Mario Sunshine 2
2D Zelda
Proper Metroid game
A new 3D open world main series Pokemon game built from the ground up for the switch (Skyrim meets pokemon)
A Zelda exclusively for the Switch
I would love a Sunshine sequel, but I would like Super Mario Sunshine HD more, personally.

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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I don't really have a concrete list, but...

I would like to see Monster Hunter 5 debut on the Switch. I've always preferred Monster Hunter on handheld, but since the Switch can be used like a handheld, it'll work.

A Pokemon game with a fully rendered world like Sun & Moon would be gorgeous on the Switch. But I would really prefer them not go with such a fixed camera again. Sometimes it's a little awkward like that. And I'd also like it to be a little more... open.

A Switch-only Zelda title would be cool. Wonder if they could get one in on time in the Switch's lifespan. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of 2.5D, I always prefer behind-the-back 3D, especially when it can be played on a TV. 2D and 2.5D feel really awkward on a big screen for me.

A new mainline Animal Crossing game would be neat. Like with MonHun that's a game I prefer on handheld but since the Switch is part-handheld it can work.

A new Smash Bros game would be cool, if Sm4sh wasn't the last one. I'm not totally into Smash Bros these days, but I'd pick it up for sure.

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