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What Games Do You Feel Are Underrated?

Jan 27, 2011
this is something to think about, there's a huge variety of games that the majority of the gaming community just throws to the ground and spits in it's direction, but there are some of us who enjoy those games they critisized, which are your favorites?

mine are:

Kirby Air Ride

Sonic Riders

Sonic Unleashed (i personally like the werehog levels)

the Sonic Drift series

Bionic Commando 2009

Spawn in the Demon's Hand

Castlevania Judgement

Sonic R

Castlevania 2

TMNT (the first one on the NES, and the one they released for Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox)

TMNT Battle Nexus

Megaman Soccer


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Jan 24, 2011
Behind you
for me...
Lost Planet 2 was awesome, but critics treated it harshly
Monster Hunter Tri didn't get the attention it deserved
I also think Megaman Soccer, Kirby Air Ride and Castlevania II
Oh, and the Megaman Star Force series


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Jun 16, 2010
Sonic Riders for sure, I thought that game was awesome. Other than that, probably Star Wars Battlefront II.


Jun 22, 2011
These games aren't really seen as bad or even unpopular but are generally forgotten in the shadows of other games and hence are underrated:

1. Link Awakening- Coming between 2 of the most acclaimed games in the series has kind of left this game behind. It's one of the best of the series and I'm glad it got rereleased on the 3DS as a download so that more people can experience it.

2. Super Mario Sunshine- How can a mario game be underrated? When virtually everyone says any other game in the series is their favorite or the best. Outside of the Lost Levels I'd say this is the hardest Mario game to date. The Fludd does make things easier, but then the game takes it away in some of the hardest missions of the game. There are a couple of shines in particular that are just brutal. Having beautifully designed mario stages with a decent amount of challenge makes this a very good game IMO.

3. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon- This game is just amazing and I don't think a whole lot of people know about it. If you look it up on Wikipedia, the opening paragraph states that it borrows elements from both Super Mario 64 and the Legend of Zelda series. If you are a Nintendo fan, you almost have to like this game. It really feels like a blend of Mario and Zelda when you play it, and another point is that it might be one of the most humorous games of all time.

None of these games have been thrown to the ground by the gaming community, but I just think many gamers have overlooked or never gotten the chance to play them.
Feb 23, 2011
  • Shadow of the Colossus- This game is critically acclaimed, though it had its faults, it was an awesome game. Too bad it lacked in sales.
  • Viewtiful Joe- This action-packed side-scroller meshed 3D and 2D graphics to great effect. It also had an interestingly unique gameplay mechanic that allows the player to speed up and slow down time. Unfortunately, it sold poorly in its release in Japan, and fell quite below its company, Capcom's expectations worldwide.
  • Madworld- One of the Wii's few M-rated titles, which contributes to its meager sales and acceptance. Subject to scrutiny over the games mature content resulted in strict content ratings and editing in multiple countries, including Germany, from which the title was banned, this game has garnered a cult following. While it received many positive reviews, it sold poorly in various countries like Japan, where it sold a mere 3,000 copies in ONE week. To add to this, it only sold 640,000 copies worldwide! Sega, its publisher, has even since announced that they are unlikely to release any new Mature titles for the Wii console.

This is all I could think of at present. :yes:
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I would have to say the entire metroid series. What? They are criticaly acclaimed and fans love them! How can they be underrated? I think that standed next two nintendos other two giants known as Mario and Zelda it isn't as universially recognized as it should be. Look at game sales compared to mario and zelda. It may be known as one of nintendos three biggest cannons but it still lives in the shadows of mario and zelda. Just like luigi.


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May 26, 2010
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To me, I think Sonic Adventure and SA2 are underrated. Comments about the camera were really undeserved, as all it took was backing up just a little bit of using the homing attack which automatcally locks onto a target in range.
Kirby Air Ride is heavily underrated although the checklist is insanely hard to complete if you aren't skilled.
Honestly I can't see how Star Wars BF2 is underrated, it had a full modding community and a lot of support until the servers went splat (I blame Call of Duty but whatever...).
Mario Party 7 in my opinion is underrated as well, people complained about the minigames being stale or boring, but I had fun with every single one of them! If only the game was still in my room...

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