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What games are you picking up for the holiday season?


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Jun 16, 2020
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Are you planning on picking up any games for the holidays, whether through a sale or otherwise? Anything you're looking forward to playing?

I've been waiting a good while for sales on both Bravely Default II and Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, so it looks like I'll finally pick both up. Maybe Guardians of the Galaxy if I can find it cheap enough. Those'll be more than enough to keep me busy until the big releases next year, not to mention my already-too-big backlog.

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Honestly, I'm probably not getting any games for Christmas this year. I've still got a mess of stuff to do in the games I already own. I'm happy just getting some pins and clothes. I dont think I'm getting a new game until Legends: Arceus.


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As far as physical copies go, I will hopefully be picking up my copy of Shining Pearl sometime this week. I also have preorders on Carrion's physical and Bug Fables' physical which are both currently pegged for December. I don't think I have anything else immediately on my radar for the rest of this year, but there are holiday sales and if I get anything digitally, it'll probably depend on how good of a deal I get for something I have wishlisted.


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Feb 15, 2021
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I could never buy myself any games during the holiday season. I'm always worried that if I get myself anything, someone else will already have gotten it for me. Even right after Christmas when I have a bunch of extra cash burning a hole in my pocket, I can't get anything bc my birthday is early February. Only after then do I feel safe buying myself stuff.
As for Christmas gifting, I'm expecting at least one zelda game this year. Possibly Cadence of Hyrule or Spirit Tracks, not really sure. I've also expressed interest in the metroid prime trilogy so we'll see if that happens.

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