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What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

Rare Addict

Site Staff
Jun 15, 2010
United States
In acceptance of our impending demise, I decided to tackle each of the bosses in Majora's Mask.

Oh, and Skyrim. I've been playing a ton of Skyrim.
Apr 10, 2010
I am finishing up Rage, and just started Metal Gear Solid 4.

Recently I have played Assassin's Creed 3, The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, Modern Warfare 3
Dec 14, 2012
Just started playing SSBB again, although I really want to play Pokémon White. Last 2 times I played the game froze on me :(
Sonic Generations on 3DS, i'm really glad i bought it on 3DS and not a home console because the 'new' sonic levels are in 2D like the 'classic' sonic levels, meaning no annoying as hell camera or glitches that randomly kill you for no reason like a vengeful appendix.


Apr 22, 2011
Oh god, I've been playing lots of different stuff lately, sometime I don't even play anything for a week. Last games I played was Far Cry 3 and New Super Mario Brothers U .

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