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What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

Viral Maze

Verb the adjective noun
Feb 5, 2010
Dragon Age Origins (again)
Diablo 3
Assassin's Creed 2
The Witcher 2
Dead Space 2
Max Payne 3

I'm slowly chipping away at these
Dec 11, 2009
I'm playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, and Goldeneye: Reloaded. I've had Sonic 2006 for pretty much a year and I still haven't beaten it. I stopped playing Skyward Sword for a while and decided to pick it back up. I'm really enjoying Rorona and Goldeneye.

Rare Addict

Site Staff
Jun 15, 2010
United States
Still making my way through Conker's Bad Fur Day for the umpteenth time, while trying to finish Pokemon Soul Silver. I've been off-and-on with that game for the past couple of years.


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
Since last I posted, I've passed Dead Space on Impossible (my ***) difficulty, Max Payne 3, and Halo 3. All great games, but I think I need to talk about Max Payne 3 for a bit. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes action and great story. I really enjoyed the hell out of it. The action is awesome, the story telling is amazing, the voice acting is spot on, and the music is great. Nothing too memorable in the music department, but it really sets the mood and gets you pumped in the moment. The story was very interesting, characters you didn't expect much out of were important down the line, the twists and turns, and the symbolism really did this game justice as a Max Payne game. It wasn't just mindless random action. And if that's not enough, the online multiplayer is very unique and way better than I thought it'd be. It's fresh and just lots of fun.

As of now, I'm playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It's just as great as Assassin's Creed II, with some nice additions here and there, but still suffers from the same issues as past titles, sloppy gameplay mechanics. But my biggest gripe with this game is that Ubisoft tried to lengthen this game too much for its own good. Everything cost money, everything you've worked for in II was cheaply written out just so you could work for it again, and then all of the unnecessary side stuff... It's unbelievable. That alone just proves what I've been saying even further. Assassin's Creed II was too big of a game that they decided to "make" another one and lengthen the campaign with junk and experiment with a multiplayer mode just so it could warrant the 60 dollar price tag. I would of accepted a small but great campaign for just 40 bucks... But overall, I'd say it's a great game, not my favorite in the series, but whateves.


Archer Extraordinaire
Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
Many Times I am working on rebeating my favorite games but right now I am working on finishing as many games as possible.
Right Now i am working on beating: Donkey Kong Country, Rayman Origins and Earthbound

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