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What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

Hylian Hobbit

Delightfully Delicious ;P
Aug 20, 2008
Started playing good ol' Ocarina of Time again yesterday. It's been a pretty long time since I've played, and I've been craving for some Zelda lately. :P Just got to the Spirit Temple.


i have been busy but the games i'm on are:
skyward sword and Phantasy star portable 2
Nov 14, 2009
Mesa, AZ
Right now I'm currently playing through all the Metroid games. Metroid: Other M was the first game in the series that I played back when it came out, and it's the game that got me interested in Metroid. But it wasn't until recently that I decided to finally play the other games. I just beat Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime, and now I'm working on Metroid, Metroid II, Metroid Prime: Hunters, and Metroid Prime 2.


Currently playing:
- Rayman Origins, making a guide for it too..
- Another Super Mario Bros. Wii (hack), making a guide for it too..
- Pandora's Tower, making a guide for it too..
- Mario Kart Double Dash!! :)
- Just finished with my guide for Super Mario Galaxy (1), rendering all videos right now, after that, uploading it onto youtube ^^


Thrilla in Manilla
Apr 12, 2012
I am currently playing
-The Witcher 2
-Assassins Creed Revelations
-Mass Effect 3
-Tales of the Abyss
-Tales of Graces f

I have serious backlog going
Apr 30, 2012
Bristol, England
I am currently (always) playing Animal Crossing Wild World. This is my long term game that I have played for years :P
I am also currently playing Oracle of Ages and Twilight Princess.

Just finished Rayman Origins which is just beyond awesome.


Nerion Saiarion
Aug 19, 2011
Somewhere in Hyrule
I'm currently working on:

GameCube/Wii/Viritual Console
007: NightFire - I know, I still haven't beaten that game yet. 77% completed.
Twilight Princess - Plays it sometimes when I'm bored. 5% completed.
A Link to the Past - 33% completed
The Adventure of Link - Duuurrrrrrrrrrrrinking game!!! 6% completed

Super Mario 3D Land - Second quest, if we could call it that. 19% completed
Pokémon SoulSilver - Just got Red left. Currently trying to catch them all and level them up to lvl 100. Yes, I am serious. Oh, god, I don't wanna count how much I've completed...
Pokémon White - 5% completed

Xbox 360
Saints Row - Ah, brings back memories... 56% completed
Assassin's Creed - Meh... Kinda tedious... 10% completed
Dragon Age II - Same as ^. 2% completed
I am playing the following:

DK 64 (1/2 way through Gloomy Galleon)
Yoshi's Island DS (Beaten, but I'm working on certain...things.)

Although, I have plans to be playing just about every game we own, starting with the N64, then moving up to GameBoy Advance/Color, Gamecube, DS, and finally the Wii.

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