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What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

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Pizza Parker
Aug 22, 2018
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Currently playing through the Resident Evil 2 remake for the first time as Leon. I'm also working through the Street Fighter Anniversary collection trying to beat each game as every character, and I'm currently on Street Fighter Alpha 2.


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Jul 6, 2011
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FF7 Remake. I never played the original and I really don't like turn based combat yet I enjoyed the FF7 Advent Children movie and am interested in the lore of FF7s world. When I heard of a remake that was to be with updated combat I was very excited because then I could experience the apparently great story of FF7.

Unfortunately the remake is being released episodically so I will have to wait until I have experienced the whole story for a while. Still I absolutely love the game so far and am 14 hrs in. Graphics are gorgeous and I am loving the characters and world so far as well as the amazing soundtrack. Even minor characters in the streets have their own unique dialogue making the places seem alive unlike many games where the npcs just stand around or all have the same voice. I haven't experienced this much enjoyment from a game for a long time. I am just sad that when I finish I won't get the next part until it releases.
Jan 9, 2022
Self explainatory thread is self explainatory. What games are you playing right now? As for me, I've got a lot so be prepared.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Megaman 9
Final Fantasy IV DS

Well, four's a lot to me. :P Anyways, what about you?
Zelda- Fighting Calamity- TwT
Jan 10, 2022
Replaying more than I can really manage tbh. Initially started replaying BotW, then hooked up my WiiU again and started up Wind Waker HD, Majora’s Mask, and Bayonetta. Sadly not a ton of time these days with my current job to play much at all.

accio boomerang

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Feb 22, 2021
Still playing Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, animal crossing. I started playing immortals fenyx rising on my ps5 and I absolutely love it.


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Sep 29, 2020
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NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition: This one is pretty much a given for me. Started a Cup season a couple days ago, won at Daytona and haven't done anything since.

Link's Awakening: This one's been sitting inactive for a bit because there was a side puzzle that I couldn't figure out, I might just skip it at this point. I'm close on that one, only 1-2 dungeons left.

Twilight Princess: Started this one last night. Just finished the Forest Temple.
Right now I'm playing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, doing a monotype run with water mons. So far (being through the sixth Gym) it's been generally pretty easy, aside from some trouble with the second gym.

Also started Final Fantasy XIII a while ago, and I *think* I've finally gotten through the tutorial section? I haven't played any other FF games begore so idk if its standard for the series but jeez the tutorial in that game is long. So far the stories pretty interesting, and I've had enjoyed the combat system, though I'm probably not always as quick on hitting/realizing I need to be hitting the paradigm shift as I should be.
lol same
what mons?
Empoleon, Gyarodos, Gastrodon, Azumarill, Floatzel, and Golduck at the moment. The only change I might make is swapping Floatzel out for maybe a Lumineon, Floatzel hasn't really been pulling its weight as much as the other members and I want to use a Lumineon since even though its a favorite of mine, I've never gotten around to using it before.
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