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What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?


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Apr 12, 2012
somewhere, I suppose.
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Oops, started playing Fire Emblem Awakening again.

Death's Embrace DLC, aha ha ha ha, why are you so hard? ;A; I'm trying it on Lunatic mode (with the Classic setting), and to say that I'm failing this DLC hard is an understatement.
I... I don't even want to think what Lunatic+ has to offer.


Apr 17, 2013
I'm currently playing Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Europa Universalis 3

Having a lot of fun with both. I'm about halfway through Luigi's Mansion, and I've been playing around with the online for a while. EU3 I've been playing for a couple weeks, picking random nations and going with them.


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Dec 17, 2012
Lost Odyssey as time allows. Getting back into Borderlands 2 a little now that they increased the level cap and added a true 3rd playthrough


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Currently playing the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which will soon be followed by DMC4, and Darksiders, the former of which is to finally play all the REAL DMC games (stupid DmC), and the latter of which is to review it in a blog... although I've been heavily procrastinating playing through it. <.<

I'm also playing some Resident Evil: Revelations on the side.

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
I'm currently in the process of playing:
Darksiders - Been working on it for over a year. Not a game I play for long periods at a time, and haven't touched it in 5 weeks
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - My interest in Video Games is constantly dropping, so I've been working on Galaxy 2 for the past 8 months
Pokemon Sapphire - For the 7th time!
Medal of Honor: Frontline - Anybody who's played this game knows how hard the freaking train yard level is! I think I've been working on that one for like 5 months now
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Started about a year ago, lost interest, started again about a month ago
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - The only one on this list that I started recently (last week)
I hardly ever play Video Games anymore. Most of the games on this list I haven't played in over a month. I go back to them once every while. I'm not the type of person that tries to rush through a game, I like to take time to finish them. I lose interest in a game really quick, which is why I have so many on the go :)

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