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What Dungeon/Temple Could You Or Couldn't You Get Yourself Through If You Were Link?



If the temples all acted the exact same way they do in the game, and no "life-likeness" was added to them such as the possibility of Jabu-Jabu diving, swallowing some water and digesting you, I could probably make it through most of them excluding the shadow temple and any of the temples dealing with great heights.

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Sep 3, 2010
Honestly, I agree with knowlee on almost the entire list. Here's my list of dungeons Link probably wouldn't get through :):

Shadow Temple: Like knowlee said, the Shadow Temple was downright scary. Blood smeared on the walls, a strange ferry, wallmasters, floormasters... no thanks. The feeling of fear and despair in the temple would only be intensified in real life - it's like coming upon a living nightmare and having to trudge through it, solving puzzles and whatnot. Link probably wouldn't make it through the first room because the atmosphere is already so creepy.

City in the Sky: There's no question about it- heights are scary. The fact that Link in TP actually had the guts to clawshot from one plant to another while suspended thousands of feet in the air really proves why he's the Hero Chosen by the Gods. But that is in a fantasy world - what about reality? I only have one answer - Link would die immediately. Although City in the Sky almost seemed like a majestic utopian civilization suspended above the clouds, in reality it is just one nightmarish place when you think about it from Link's perspective. It also doesn't help that the insanely powerful winds can easily push you off any bridge. The entire aspect of completing the dungeon and not falling to your doom is probably the biggest reason why a majestic cloud city could become one heck of a nightmare.

Forest Temple: I know many will disagree with this one, since there really were no impending horrors lurking around a corner. It was simply a creepy temple because of the strange architecture and the atmosphere. The music really added to the experience, but even if Link were to enter the Forest Temple in reality, he would be spooked from at the first second. Twisting corridors? Many things in the Forest Temple seem to defy the laws of physics and tends to feel haunted because of the undead enemies in it.

Arbiter's Grounds: Wow. There is really no dungeon that could be filled with more undead enemies or quicksand. The entire place was a deathtrap. Spikes shooting from the ground? Redeads, four frightening poes and other strange creatures everywhere? Ludicrous amounts of quicksand in just about every room? And most of all the creepy lighting and architecture make Arbiter's Grounds perhaps one of the most genuinely scary dungeons in Zelda history. The Shadow Temple was creepy, yes... but Arbiter's Grounds really gives "scary" a different feel - more like an ancient egyptian atmosphere. Everything about Arbiter's Grounds was freaky and potentially dangerous. Not in a way like City in the Sky, but still dangerous.

Great Bay Temple: The place was freaky or overly dangerous - it was simply the fact that the dungeon was like a factory... a haunted factory. Great Bay Temple was filled with water and puzzles that made you want to tear your hair out. Link would have even more trouble and probably be frightened by the strange underwater feel. There's really not much that was scary about this dungeon... but something about it... feels not right.

Stone Tower Temple: Here we go - Stone Tower was nuts. By that I mean it had everything. The upside-down part of Stone Tower was even scarier than the rightside-up version. You could easily plummet to your death, which in reality would mean you were falling up. If that weren't enough, the place is like a maze of traps, mysteries and most of all, surprises around every corner. There were many instances where if Link lost his balance, he would fall to his death. Other instances like the overwhelming size of Stone Tower and the strange treasure chests hanging above you really make you feel like the place is alive - and creepy.

Ganon's Castle/Tower (all versions): Although these were either some of the easiest dungeons are some of the coolest, we could all agree Link would have to whip himself just to move forward. The impending doom you feel as you get closer to Ganon/Ganondorf always adds a nice touch. In Twilight Princess, Ganon's Castle was Hyrule Castle itself, bringing to life Darknuts and other deadly traps. In Wind Waker, Ganon's Tower made you face most of the bosses again (and in black and white) as well as making you experience four dungeons again and made you fight a lengthy battle against Phantom Ganon as you ascended the stairs to Puppet Ganon's room. In Ocarina of Time... it was just win. Epic win. You had to get to the end of six mini-dungeons, each representing a medallion/sage/temple. Once the barrier was brought down, Link began his heroic ascent towards the top of the tower - something Link would have chickened out on in reality. There are also the 2D Zelda iterations of Ganon's Castle/Tower, and those are filled with endless puzzles, enemies and traps. Basically they're super-dungeons, making them all the more menacing.
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Jun 17, 2010
The Water & Great Bay Temples because I have an uncomfortable feeling being under water. It's not a phobia or anything, just an uneasy feeling.


Actually now that I think about it, swimming through the river of vortexes after you get the longshot in OoT's Water Temple seems like it would be pretty much impossible in real life. You would probably very easily be sucked down into one of those and drowned.


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Jan 30, 2010
Dodongo's Cavern (OoT): This was a cool temple, don't get me wrong, but lava all over the place? Yeah, no way am I ever going to step foot in Dodongo's Cavern. One wrong step and you're in the lava. Plus, it was kind of a creepy dungeon, considering enemies just popped out of the ground and squirmed their way over to you. That right there kind of creeps me out. So if I were Link, there would be no way on this earth for anyone to get me into Dodongo's Cavern.

Fire Temple (OoT): With what I said for Dodongo's Cavern, it's basically the same idea for the Fire Temple. It's one, too much of a risk, and two, I'd be falling down all over the place, considering the fact that I can be a klutz sometimes. I think it'd be pretty scary to walk into this temple. Then to fight Volvagia? I love Volvagia, but I'd fail miserably at fighting it, if I was Link. Especially when Volvagia is raining rocks on top Link...SPLAT! I'd basically become a pancake.

Water Temple (OoT):
If there isn't a worse temple for me to go in, the Water Temple is the worst one for me to even attempt at entering. If I was Link, and I went into the Water Temple, I can tell you right now that I'd be lost the second I swim into the entrance. Better yet, I probably wouldn't even make into the temple itself. I'd probably drown trying to get into the temple (considering I wouldn't remember to put on the Zora's Tunic) Now, if I were to make it into the temple, I'd be in there for a million years. With all the rooms, keys, and puzzles, Zelda might as well find herself a new hero. I'm serious when I say this, I'd be a literal fail as Link. If I even reached Morpha, I'd be drowned before I can say, "Get me out of this place!"

Arbiter's Ground (TP):
This dungeon was amazing, but with all the little traps, and quick sand especially, there's no way I'm stepping into Arbiter's Ground. I think I'd be falling and procrastinating more than I would be going on my "merry" way to beating Stallord. Arbiter's Ground would be a walking nightmare for me. With all the switching between Wolf and Human, finding poe souls, hookshoting my through the dungeon, I think I'd already be in the dungeon for about twenty years :lol: I would probably get lost somewhere or have all the invisible mice attack me, and prevent me from getting any further in the dungeon.

Temple of Time (TP):
Without a doubt, this would probably be the hardest temple for me to ever go through. First of all, I'm terrified of bugs, and the fact that the boss is a giant spider would totally throw me off. I'd be screaming my head off more than anything else though. All the little spiders just crawling around throughout the entire dungeon...another walking nightmare. I'd be scared out of my mind. Second of all, it would be impossible for me to dodge all of the spinning...whatever you want to call them...with the spikes :lol: Then to control statues...no scratch that...to beat the Darknut...then get the statue to control...would take me years to finally get through.

Lakebed Temple (TP):
This is basically the same story as the Water Temple. The only difference is, I would be wearing the Zora's tunic, since I absolutely adore it in TP. So no drowning here. This temple would be screaming FAIL! to me though. Since you have to move the stairs thirty times to get from one room you have to go to, to the next, I'd be confusing myself. I'd probably end up walking into the same room fifteen times before I finally figure out that I need to try another path. Then there's those rooms that have the giant water slides in them. I'd be there all day. I find that those rooms are probably the ones filled with the most joy then any other area in the dungeon. :lol:(I'd be a horrible hero, if I was Link...that's for sure.)

Snowpeak Ruins (TP):
So the Yeti really creep me out, especially considering the fact that there's a huge knife in the table in the kitchen :suspicious:. Also, the whole house kind of scared me. I mean, I know that Yeta took the piece of the Mirror of Twilight...but was their home always infested with monsters? Hopefully not...:sweat:. Yeto was really the reason I wouldn't step foot into Snowpeak Ruins. The way he acted...was kind of scary. He wanted to eat Link...in Wolf form anyway, but still...it's just...creepy. Then there's all the puzzles. I'd be losing my mind trying to figure them out. Oh, and I can't forget that room where you have to balance on the thin strips of wood. I'd be falling faster than you can say, "Watch your step."

Tower of the Gods (WW): The oh-so-wonderful Tower of the Gods. If I was Link, this definitely would be the one dungeon that I completely fail. The constant raising and falling water levels, the annoying electric Chuchus, the Armos, and the Beamos. Jeez this place is just a wonderland. Especially when you're in the room that you have to use the Grappling Hook to swing from ledge to ledge. I'd fall on my first try. It's pretty sad that I probably wouldn't even get past the entrance

And there's my wonderful list of dungeons/temples I'd never complete if I was Link.
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Aug 10, 2010
In the Temple of Seasons
The Great Deku Tree: Now go fight off the monsters in me and break the curse
me: woah woah woah so let me get this straight you want me... to hop on in your mouth... i'll pass man.

I could beat the dodongo cavern thing but I would skip the prize
Goron: Brother! you made it let me give you a big goron hug!
me: uhhh heh heh no thanks I've had my fair share of hugs today

Jabu Jabu's belly
again you want me to go where!?

Forest Temple I could hardly beat this dungeon in the game!

Fire Temple
Daruni (or whatever) Big brother! howbout a hu-
me: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water temple
me: you expect me to breath underwater... with this tunic... no thank you

Shadow Temple
me:alright! so I just gotta jumpdown thiswell huh? *jumps* AAAAAHHHHHH!!! SPLAT

Spirit Temple
me: *sees pots* OOO look! *walks over to break pots and gets beaned in the head by them then runs out of temple with bump on my head*

Swamptemple (idk the name but it's the first dungeon in MM)
me: *tries to jump on one of the moving platforms and wipesout* ouch

me: *slipson ice and falls down into lava*

Great bay temple
me: *jumps on the waterwheel thing and slips off to my doom*

Stone tower temple
me: *gets to top of temple and shoots the red emblem with light arrow just to fall up to my doom*

Inside the moon
me: well i'm no good at hide and seek... howbout we play tag instead!? *spends the last day playing tag*

The first dungeon in TWW (i forgot the name)
me: *Grapples onto Valoo's tail and holds on for dear life for the rest of my life"

The second dungeon in TWW ( CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME!!!!)
one eyed spiky ball things cling onto me *walks so slow It takes forever

The Tower of the Gods
me: *thumb wrestles with the God's final challenge and fails* NOOOOOO!

Earth temple
me: *Takes out bow and shoots redead in the arm* redead slowly turns head and looks at me we both sit there.... me: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Wind Temple
me: hmmm how do I get out of here *sits down on Makar on accident* O.O woops...

Eastern Palace
me: *gets to the boss* GASP I wanna dance too! *dances with statues*

Desert Palace
me: *starts walking to the palace and runs across strange middle aged man sitting by sign* Hey dude wazzup?
man: ......
me: dude,
man: ......
me: hellooooooo???
man: ........

Third temple (can't remember anymore of the dungeons names from ALttP)
me: *gets to the boss* Alright fiend! I'm ready to take you DOWN *boss knocks me off* AAAAHHH *gets back up* What the heck was that llittle stunt you just pulled!? here I am about to make myself famous and you jus- *gets knocked off again* NOOOOO *gets back up* pant pant alright you little- *gets knocked off again* CURSE YOUUUU *climbs up again* I HATE- *gets knocked off again* ...I give up...
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Oct 5, 2010
shadow temple

:SI could never get myself past the shadow temple I would have nightmares for a long time!!!

-.-I could not get pasted the shadow temple. I would have nightmares!!!


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Sep 30, 2009
Skull Woods (Alttp): I would turn back for the Village of Outcasts and not think twice about it. That place is a nightmare.

Ice Caverns (OoT): I don't want to be froze to death. Burn me if you must, but death by ice is not a good way to go. I could handle some of the Ice Dungeons in Zelda, but not this one as it involves being entombed in ice.

Ice Palace (Alttp): If that Mirror breaks, you're stuck.

City in the Sky (TP): Jumping into a sky cannon like that is just suicidal.

LoZ Level 9: Too. Many. bad guys. I might try, I think I'd end up heading to a town for backup or something.

Great Palace (AoL): I'd probably lose the fight to my evil twin.
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Jan 27, 2010
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I couldn't go through any of them. I'm not physically fit enough and I don't like spiders. There are GIANT ones in most of the temples in the series. Nu-uh. Me no likey. I would have a really hard time with the Temple of Time and The City In The Sky in TP. The boss is a ginormous spider and it's really high in the sky. No. Just no.
I probably couldn't handle a temple with too many tress. I'd pay more attention to how much my allergies are bothering me. Nothing too cold either. I hate the cold. I can't swim so water temples are out. The only ones I could probably handle are the fire ones and maybe the scary ones. Hurr...Unless there are spiders...then just kidding...

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